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Subject index for Up the Gatineau!

Index for volumes 1-43 (1974-2017)
Published by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society
Copyright 2016

Users' note: This index is a reworked cumulation of the indexes of Up the Gatineau! Volumes 1 - 43.

Select a letter to view terms under a the corresponding letter.

In a search, a term beginning with a - (dash) is a sub-term.

The following conventions have been used:

  • Volume numbers are in bold type
  • Images are denoted by 'fig'
  • Footnotes are denoted by 'n'
  • Page ranges (e.g. 39:7-9) do not necessarily denote continuous discussion; they may simply show a series of pages on which the subject is mentioned.
  • Wherever possible, married women's names are grouped with their husbands and children with a cross reference from their family of birth. For example, Mary Brooks married John Kirk. She appears under her birth family as follows:
    • Brooks, Mary. see Kirk, Mary (Brooks)
    and under her family of marriage as follows:
    • Brooks, Mary. see Kirk, Mary (Brooks)
    Kirk, Mary (Brooks)

Up the Gatineau! index
Gracefield train station, 1914 Credit: H. W. Heckman. Canadian Pacific archives collection. GVHS 00884/07.

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The Up the Gatineau! Index for volumes 1 to 43 is available for download (pdf format).