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The GVHS promotes publications dealing with history of the Gatineau region, occasionally financially assists writers to publish books on Gatineau-area topics, and sells publications at our meetings and special events.

The following publications are sold by the Society. They can be obtained from the GVHS at its monthly talks and special events, at the archives office or by mail. Some publications are also available directly from the authors or from local retailers in the Gatineau Valley area. To order any of the following publication, see order publications.

Note Cards

Note card and envelope - Old Chelsea 1898
Scene of Old Chelsea in 1898 painted by Francis Fitz Roy Dixon
Note card and envelope - On the Gatineau
On the Gatineau, a painting in pastel by Alfred Worsley Holdstock, circa 1850. The landscape is believed to be near the former Paugan Falls (now the Paugan dam) in Low.


Te Na Gadino
This CD is a compilation of the songs from Ian Tamblyn's recent Gatineau Hills historical trilogy of plays.
Ian Tamblyn


new icon Capital Chronicles (English)
Chroniques de la Capitale (Français)

The object of the author’s attention is the Curious History of Canada's National Capital Region, and there is much to share.
Rick Henderson
Gatineau Valley Railway Stations
Laminated colour poster of historic railway stations 11 in. x 17 in. with photos, map and bilingual text.
Historic Map of West Hull–1875 (enhanced colour version, laminated)
Colour poster 25 in. x 26 in. of land ownership for the current municipalities of Chelsea and Cantley as indicated by the 1875 valuation roll.
Historical Walks: The Gatineau Park Story 3rd edition
A one-stop reference and handbook to the 363-square-kilometre park. Fully illustrated with maps and archival and contemporary photographs. 2004.
Katharine Fletcher
Hurling Down the Pine
The history of the Wright, Gilmour and Hughson families, timber and lumber manufacturers in the Hull and Ottawa Region and on the Gatineau River, 1800–1920. 4th edition, 2014.
John Hughson and Courtney Bond
In Memory of Chelsea's Historic Cemeteries
Chelsea’s community development told through its well-preserved cemeteries and the people buried in them; includes walking tours, cemetery plans and extensive index of names on monuments and from burial records. 2005.
Carol Martin
new icon Love Letters from the Cedar Chest
Based on letters written by the author's parents, this book follows the exchanges between Joseph “Joe” McGoey of Martindale, and Sabina Carroll of Farrellton, from the mid-1920s to the mid-1940s.
Maryan O’Hagan
Rupert Union Cemetery
A listing of gravestones, with images, of the Rupert Union Cemetery.
Carolyn Nesbitt Kidder
Samuel Bingham - King of the Cascades
Biography on lumberman Samuel Bingham (1845-1905), known as the “King of the Cascades” because of his skills on the river.
Karen Bingham & Pauline Masson
Some Personal Recollections and Historic Facts About Kingsmere
A paper delivered at Moorside, Kingsmere, in 1963 to the Historical Society of the Gatineau (now the Gatineau Valley Historical Society)
Arthur Bourinot
The Extra Mile: The Journals H. J. G. Geggie, MD.
The journals of an early rural doctor in the Wakefield area. 2007.
Edited by Stuart and Norma Geggie. Revised by Norma Geggie
The Irish Language in Canada
Comprises a historical overview of the Irish lnguage in canada including the pre- and post-famine periods.
Danny Doyle
The History of Cantley
Bilingual pamphlet on the history of the municipality of Cantley. 1989.
R.A.J. (Bob) Phillips
Touring Historic Wakefield
A series of walking tours around the village, with detailed descriptions and over 100 photographs. 2015.
Norma Geggie
Tributes: Gatineau Personalities and Historical Events
An illustrated collection of 31 articles written by the late journalist and local historian Ernie Mahoney. 2010.
Edited by Norma Geggie and Anita Rutledge
Wakefield: un deuxième regard
A short history of the village of Wakefield and the families significant in its development. French-language version of the out-of-print Wakefield Revisited. 2003.
Norma Geggie, traduit par Jean K. LaFlamme

Copies of the following publications are available for reference in the GVHS library

See also GVHS Library and Archives Subject Bibliography for a list of additional publications.

A Collection of Works by Florence Helena McGillivray
A large, high quality coffee-table style book with hundreds of images of oil and water colour paintings and other forms of art created by Whitby artist, Florence Helena McGillivray (1864-1938) in the early 20th century. 2015.
Bill Allen
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A Place Apart: A Search for the Pioneer Cemeteries of the Lower Gatineau Valley
A brief history of traditional cemeteries from Hull to Lac-Sainte-Marie, Quebec, as well as private and unmarked burial grounds in the Gatineau. 1999.
Norma Geggie
Out of print
Cascades Club 1920-2020
The book, “Cascades Club: 1920-2020,” is almost 200 pages of history, photos and anecdotes from the social and sports club’s storied past. The book is being sold at-cost for around $80 through the club’s website, cascadesclub.ca, or by emailing an order to cascadesclub@gmail.com.
Betty Pavey
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Celebrating 150 Years of Aylwin Township
First published by Alexa Pritchard in 2010, this book honours the pioneers of Aylwin Township (now Kazabazua Township) from the 1830s for the next 100 years.
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Walking in the Footsteps of Philemon Wright
The story of Philemon Wright, pioneer of the first settlement in Canada's National Capital.
Rick Henderson
Out of print