Up the Gatineau! Carol Martin Award

List of winners for a significant cumulative contribution to Up the Gatineau! over a sustained period, and awarded at the discretion of the judges.

2019 - Louise Schwartz
For her sustained commitment to preserving the history and heritage of the Gatineau Valley through her willingness and efforts to expand and innovate the Up the Gatineau!. Louise continues a tradition of building on the editorial quality of the Society's flagship publication, by encouraging local historians and researchers to share their discoveries, memoirs, and stories to the wider community and in supporting an engaged editorial team.

2017 - Frances Curry
Over the last few years, few of our local historians have shown such a profound dedication to unearthing the archival and human record of the Gatineau Valley as Frances Curry. In a series of wonderfully written, exhaustively researched, and lovingly told articles in Up the Gatineau!, Frances is building a rich legacy for future generations very much in the spirit of Carol Martin.