Up the Gatineau! Arthur Davison Prize Winners

List of Winners of the Arthur Davison Prize for outstanding contribution to Up the Gatineau!

The GVHS established this prize on the retirement of Arthur Davison in 1984, after 19 years as President. The prize consists of a "framed" certificate and a cheque for $200.

2023 - Les White for “The Gatineau: The First Billion Years” in Volume 48. The judges wrote:
This article reflects Les White’s comprehensive knowledge of the geological foundations, formations and the mineralogy of the many rock-faces of the breathtaking Gatineau Valley landscape that one sees but doesn’t fully appreciate.
In an accessible style, Les highlights two hundred years of mining history, the importance of the resources for the local economy, worldwide for exports, the need for collective stewardship and protection of the land from corporate exploitation.
2022 - Geoffrey Rider for “The Parson was a Painter” in Volume 47. The judges wrote:
“This article integrates family recollections and local history surrounding Reverend Edward Geoffrey May of Chelsea. Well known and liked as a dedicated clergyman, May was also an acknowledged artist and craftsman of note. In an engaging anecdotal style, contributor Geoffrey Rider highlights the multimedia talent of E. G. May, his maternal grandfather, showcasing his watercolours, etchings and oil paintings depicting local Gatineau Valley landmarks.”
2021 - Mary Lou van Schaik for “You Can’t Say ‘No’ to Norma” in Volume 46.
Mary Lou van Schaik’s article, “You Can’t Say ‘No’ to Norma," profiles the remarkable life of a beloved Wakefield community activist and local historian, nonagenarian Norma Geggie. Mary Lou carried out considerable research, primarily through wide-ranging conversations with her subject, and interviews with multiple sources in the community. Through Mary Lou’s eloquent voice and fluid writing style, she has presented readers of Volume 46 of Up the Gatineau! with thoughtful insights into a unique Gatineau Valley personage.
2020 - Hannen Sabean for “The History of Dying in the Gatineau Valley” in Volume 45.
The judges wrote: The rituals surrounding death and dying are skillfully researched and concisely written, documenting the funereal customs of the pioneer communities of the Gatineau Valley, noting the evolution over time.
2019 - Danielle Siemens for “A Decade in the Woods: Rosemary Gilliat Eaton's Winter Cabin” in Volume 44.
The judges wrote: Photographer Rosemary Gilliat Eaton’s winter life at Shilly Shally, a Gatineau Park ski cabin, is chronicled within the broader context of park life, history and development, in a skillfully researched, beautifully written and richly illustrated article.
2018 - Jon Dellandrea for “Remarkable Lost Art of the Gatineau Valley: The Paintings of Francis Fitz Roy Dixon (1856-1914)” and “Discovering Francis Fitz Roy Dixon” in Volume 43.
The judges wrote on his certificate, “Jon Dellandrea’s exacting recovery of the life and art of Francis Fitz Roy Dixon is not just a fascinating detective story about one of the Gatineau Valley’s intriguing but previously unknown residents, but a careful and heartwarming recording of the region through painting. The stunning, full-colour reproductions of Dixon’s art provide an extraordinarily vivid picture of valley life at the turn of the century, elegantly told through Dellandrea’s affectionate words.”
2017 - Michael Lait for "A Lake with Two Names: The Harrington Lake (Lac Mousseau) Toponymy Controversy" in Volume 42.
Michael Lait’s important examination of the long controversy over the name of Harrington Lake - Lac Mousseau is a model of deep historical research that also introduces readers to the diverse cultural history of the region’s settlement, as well as the critical conflicts over land use that continue to affect—and afflict—Gatineau Park.
2016 - Wes Darou for "Cantley’s Iron Mine: A Moving Exploration" in Volume 41.
2015 - Helen E. Parson for "Six Days on the Road: An 1886 Business Trip to Maniwaki" in Volume 40.
2014 - Andrew Johnston for "Arts and Letters at Kingsmere: The McCurry-Jenkins Families" in Volume 39.
2013 - Landon Pearson for "Pearsons Up the Gatineau" in Volume 38.
2012 - R.J. Blanchard for ""Low up to Kaz, and Back, by the "Front Road" and "Back Road"" in Volume 37.
2011 - Carol Martin for "Dreams of Land (and nightmares for some) in Hull Township," in Volume 36.
2010 - Michal Anne Crawley for "Lights! Camera! Action! - A Brief History of Crawley Films," in Volume 35.
2009 - David Lee for "Logging and Lumbering on the Gatineau River," in Volume 34.
2008 - Anita Rutledge for "Les Suisses of Duclos - In Memoriam," in Volume 33.
2007 - R. J. (Robert) Hughes for "The Great Fire of 1870" in Volume 32.
2006 - Preston Wilson for "Meech Creek Valley Girl," in Volume 31.
2005 - A. M. (Archie) Pennie for "Old Mills in Aumond and Point Comfort" in Volume 30.
2004 - Heather Quipp for "The Old Mountain Lodge at Kingsmere," in Volume 29.
2003 - Carol Martin for "Private Richard Rowland Thompson's 'Chelsea Connection': Bertha Alexander and the Alexanders of Chelsea," in Volume 28.
2002 - Duncan Marshall for "Early Aerial Photography in the Gatineau River Valley," in Volume 27.
2001 - Jim Burant for "The Picturesque hills and dales: The Gatineau through Artists' Eyes," in Volume 26.
2000 - Shirley Selwyn for "Summering up the Gatineau," in Volume 25.
1999 - Donald D. Hogarth for "Stanislas Franchot and his Buckingham Mines," in Volume 24.
1998 - Neil Faulkner for "A Bridge for our Times - Rebuilding the Wakefield Covered Bridge" in Volume 23.
1997 - H. J. G. (Hans) Geggie for "The Instant Commando, or Hot Sweet Tea" in Volume 22.
1996 - Norma Geggie for "The Wakefield Women's Institute, 1919-1961" in Volume 21.
1995 - Norma Geggie for "Spinning and Weaving in Days Gone By" in Volume 20.
1994 - Hans Honegger and Warren Major for "The Gilmour House" in Volume 19.
1993 - Stan Cross for "The Trapper," in Volume 18.
1992 - Carol Martin for "A Most Useful and Extensive Organization: Development of postal service up the Gatineau, early days to 1900," in Volume 17.
1991 - No record of the prize.
1990 - Not awarded. (Executive Minutes of January, 1990 explain: "The Arthur Davison Prize is not being given this year since the special edition of Up the Gatineau! is a departure from the regular format."
1989 - Joanne MacDonald for "Gatineau Labyrinth - The Lafléche Cave" in Volume 14.
1988 - Gunda Lambton for her many contributions to Up the Gatineau!
1987 - Lillian Walton whose articles appeared in 8 of the first 12 issues of Up the Gatineau! (An article in Volume 13 about The Davison Prize anticipated that she would also have an article in that volume. She does not.-ed.)
1986 - Isobel (Lid) Ryan for her many contributions to early volumes.
1985 - Patrick M.O. Evans for his many and varied contributions to Up the Gatineau!
1984 - Sheila Strang as compiler of "The Alexander Story" in Volume 10, and, more particularly, as distributor, through the years to sales outlets in the Old Chelsea, Hull and Ottawa areas.