Preserving and promoting awareness in the history and heritage of the Gatineau Valley since 1962

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The newest Up the Gatineau! is now available!

The GVHS is very pleased to announce the release of the 50th consecutive volume of its local history journal, Up the Gatineau!

Volume 50 is now being distributed to our members, and will soon be with local retailers. With 10 articles and two poems – as well as historic and/or current day photographs, maps and other images - there is something for everyone to enjoy.

This year’s front cover features the art of Claude Latour, titled Tenàgàdino by Claude Latour. It is a mixed media work, abstracted from an India ink drawing from the artist’s “My Yellow House” series project.

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Pat Evans Archives
Chelsea Library downstairs
by appointment.

Closed until September

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Success, Murder, and Memory in the Ottawa Valley
Irish Lumber Barons and the Making of Canada.

Up the Gatineau! Volumes 21-25 articles now available online.

Early Settlers near Lac Philippe in Gatineau Park
Document written by Bill McGee.

Publications of Local Interest

Capital Chronicles
Love Letters from the Cedar Chest