The Gatineau Park Chronicles

The National Capital Commission (NCC), in collaboration with the Friends of Gatineau Park, published two issues of The Gatineau Park Chronicle with the objective of increasing awareness of the park's history and cultural heritage. These articles are republished with the kind permission of the National Capital Commission (NCC). This publication is available from Government of Canada Publications. External Link Reprinted with permission.

The first issue appeared in the Fall 2007 issue and focused on the circumstances surrounding the creation of Gatineau Park.

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The Beginnings of a Park
Fresh Air Seekers
The Prime Minister Is on "Our Side"!
Save the Hills!

The following articles appeared in the Fall 2009 issue in which the authors paint a picture of the park’s industrial past.

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Gatineau Hills Forest Industry 1800 to 1938 | Myth or Reality?
The Old Fox Farm in Gatineau Park
The Mines of Gatineau Park
Modern Industry on the Shores of Meech Lake
The Wakefield Mill: Interpreting the Industrial History of Gatineau Park