Gatineau River

Gatineau River Heritage Paddle: A Guide - Second Edition
A Guide was developed as a publication for boaters on the Gatineau River, identifying present and past landmarks from Wakefield to the Chelsea Dam and increasing general awareness of our river's rich heritage - both historical and environmental.

Gatineau River: Then and Now
Lower Gatineau River from the air in 1926 and 1997. There are 20 sets of THEN and NOW photographs taken from the Chelsea Dam north to Wakefield.

Selwyn Court Case
Document of the court proceedings from the expropriation of Harley Selwyn of Kirk's Ferry by the Gatineau Power Company in 1925 for its massive hydro-electric project.

The "Lost Villages" of Chelsea
Based on a series of 3 panels of the once-thriving waterfront villages of Chelsea Island, Kirk’s Ferry and Cascades before they were submerged by the flooding of the Gatineau River in 1926-1927.

The Great Lakes RED BOOK 1937 3MB
This publication provides a list of over 1500 vessels of the Great Lakes together with the name of owner, captain and engineer of each vessel, as well as shipbuilding, and repair yards.
Owner #36 on page 29 of the pamphlet is the Canadian International Paper Co., located in Montreal. Seventeen tugs of CIP, with their captains and engineers, are listed, many of which worked logs on the Gatineau River, including the Laracina, Chelsea, Pickanock and Pythango.

Hills escapes flood chaos
The state of flooding of the Gatineau River, north of Gatineau, in 2017.

The story of the Gatineau River: Historic fights and fierce independence
A history of the Gatineau River written by Roy Macgregor, published on July 31, 2016 in The Globe and Mail.

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