GVHS Presentations

A variety of material developed by GVHS members or presented by guest speakers at GVHS monthly Events:

"O'Neil House: the Great Move!" Talk by Élisabeth Veyrat and Thierry Boyer (September 2014 GVHS Event) - pdf 6.3 MB
Their talk and slideshow presentation delves into the history of O'Neil House and their attempts to bring it back to its former appearance.

2012 Archives Open House and Annual General Meeting (AGM) (February 2012 GVHS Event) - pdf 21.5 MB
Presentation of some of our recent acquisitions of digital images, review of changes to the GVHS website including our new design, remembering Eddie Quipp, dedication of online resources and the Pat Evans Archives of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society, and Cantley 1889.

Radon in the Gatineau (November 2011 GVHS Event) - pdf 1.9 MB
Handout from Dr. Don Hogarth, geology professor and author, who spoke to GVHS members and friends about radon and radioactivity in the Gatineau Valley. Includes detailed maps.

Researching Military Family History (October 2011 GVHS Event) - pdf 2.7 MB
Presentation by Carol Reid from the Canadian War Museum on military genealogy, including a comprehensive introduction to on-line resources related to Canadian military service records.

Gatineau Valley Postal History (September 2011 GVHS Event) - ppt 8.9 MB
Presentation by Pascal LeBlond of Library and Archives Canada, titled a "Postal History of the Gatineau Valley", detailing the various reference documents available to any member of the public interested in researching this topic.

Gatineau Valley Historical Society Archives Open House (February 2011 GVHS Event) - ppt 12.6 MB
Presentation by Marc Cockburn of the revised GVHS web site.

Cascades Club 90th Birthday (November 2010 GVHS Event)
A slide presentation at the Cascades Club in honor of its 90th birthday party on November 20, 2010, developed with the assistance of Linda Bardell and presented by R.J. Hughes.