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Tenpenny Commons - Historical Snapshots
How the small cottage community on Lake Tenpenny was established and what vision has been informing its growth to this day. Supplementary documents:

  • Forest and Flora PDF Document 13.3 MB - Forest and Flora of Lake Tenpenny.
  • Surficial Geology PDF Document 11.5 MB - The geological history and surficial geology of the area surrounding Lake Tenpenny.
  • Water Testing Results PDF Document 2 MB - Water quality from the testing of Lake Tenpenny in 2021 (en français).

History of Wakefield Village
History Of Wakefield Village compiled 1959 for The Tweedsmuir Village Histories by A.B. Robb. Published By Wakefield Womens Institute.

A Tale of Two Chelseas
A charming account of Old Chelsea and New Chelsea published in 1988. The beginning, settlement spreads, the economy, down on the farm, chores, pastimes, the importance of water and wood, the naming of Chelsea, local businesses, the postal service history.

Old Chelsea - A scrapbook of Old Houses
This is a study of ten houses in the core of Old Chelsea Village from an historical perspective, for the purpose of considering the merits of the village's heritage potential, completed in november 1975 by Heather Quipp working under the auspices of the Historical Society of the Gatineau.

Touring the Two Chelseas
Written by R.A.J. Phillips in 1991. A historical account of the villages of Chelsea and Old Chelsea highlighting many of the historical houses.

The Old Chelsea Post Office
Written by Patrick M.O. Evans in 1985. A historical account of the Old Chelsea Post Office done for the Canada Post Corporation.

Some Personal Recollections and Historic Facts About Kingsmere
By Arthur S. Bourinot. A paper delivered at Moorside, Kingsmere, in 1963 to the Historical Society of the Gatineau (now the Gatineau Valley Historical Society).

Chelsea Cenotaph
The Chelsea Cenotaph at the Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery honours the lives of those who were lost during active service of World War I and II. The annual November 11th Remembrance Day ceremony in Chelsea is held at the Pioneer Cemetery at the grave of Private Richard Rowland Thomson.

Chelsea's Union Mission Church Park
History of the Union Mission Church at Kirk's Ferry and the dedication of the Union Mission Church Park by Carol Martin.

La Montée Lauriault et le chemin Kingsmere (en français with some English)
Presentation by researcher Michel Lemaire to the GVHS in 2017 on the Lauriault Hill and Kingsmere Road.

The History of Cantley External Link
Written by R.A.J. Phillips in 1989. A historical account of the beginning of Cantley.

Cantley 1889 External Link
Heritage organization to discover, catalogue, protect and promote Cantley's heritage