Echoes from the Past

Articles on the history of the Gatineau from the Patrick Evans column "Echoes from the Past", originally printed in the Low Down to Hull and Back News and subsequently compiled by Jay Atherton and published in book form by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (under its former name the Historical Society of the Gatineau) at Chelsea, Quebec, 1998.

Index of "People and Organizations", "Buildings, Sites and Places" and some "SUBJECTS".

The following is the index created for the publication. This list can be used as a reference of the content in the publication. To find an article, use the term in Search Articles.

Alcan Plant (Farm Point)
Allen, John
Allen, Christopher
Ames, Thomas

Baldwin, Frederick
Baldwin, William
Baldwin Valley
Balmer, Robert
Bames, Miles
Bamet, Elizabeth
Bellman, Mary Ann (Tilley)
Benedict, David
Benedict, John
Benedict, Lucy
Benedict, Samuel
Bingham, Samuel
Blackburn, David
Blackbum Creek
Blue Bonnie, The
Bond, Courtney C. J.
Booth, John Rudolphus
Bradley, Mary Ann
Brigham, Thomas
Brigham, Charles Lennox
Brlgham, Thomas
Brigham-Chamberlin House (Old Chelsea)
Britannia Road (Tumpike)
Brookdale Farm
Brooks Creek (Old Chelsea)
Brown, James

Cates, Seth
Chamberlain, Edmund
Chamberlin, Charles Waters
Chamberlin, Ephraim
Chamberlin, Jennie Gertrude
Chamberlin, John
Chamberlin, Josiah
Chamberlin Houses (Old Chelsea)
Chelsea Vermont
Church, Seldon
Clemow, Joseph
Cockburn, John
Colton, Luther
Columbia Farm (Hull)
Covered Bridge (Meech Creek Valley)
Cross, Carson
Cross, Freeman
Cross, Wyman
Cunningham, William

Davison, Betty (Tilley)
Dean's Hotel (Old Chelsea)
DeWitt, Maria
DeWitt, Mary
Diamond Match Manufacturing Co.
Digester Tower (Hull)
Docksteader, Margaret
Dome Hill, Golf Club, Lodge
Dunlop, William
Dunn House (Old Chelsea)
Dunn, James

E.B. Eddy Co.
Earle House (Wakefield)
Earle Store (Wakefield)
Earle, Foster
Earle, Robert
Eaton's Chute
Edey, Elizabeth
Edmonds' House (Old Chelsea)
Elder, William
Esterbrooke, H.

Fairbaim, Archie
Fairbaim, William
Farm Point
Farmer, William
Farmer's Rapids
Ferme Columbia (Hull)
Findlay, David , Rev.
Fleming, Paddy
Fortune, Garret
Fulsom, Hale
Fyles, W.A., Rev.

Gardner, David
Gatineau Memodal Hospital
Gatiniau River Yacht Club
Gatineau, Nicolas
Gatineau Boom Company
Geggie, David
Geggie, Hans
Geggie, Harold
Geggie, Stuart
Gilmour's Mills (Chelsea)
Gilmours' Gatehouse (Old Chelsea)
Gleneagle Golf Course
Golf Museum (Mountain Road)
Gospel Hill

Hall's Cemetery (Wakefield)
Hanratty, John
Hanratty, Patrick
Hanratty-Reynolds House (Old Chelsea)
Harrington Lake
Harrison, John
Hayworth, William and John
Heatherington, David
Hellard Road (Kirk's Ferry)
Hendrick, Jack
Hetherington, Joseph
Holt, Fry
Horseshoe Restaurant (Tenaga)
Hurd, Edward
Hurdman, Charles
Hyde, Jessie

International Marine Signal Company
Island View House (Farm Point)

Jeffs Lake
Jeffs, William
Jenness, Diamond
Johnson, George, Rev.
Jones, William
Joynt, John

King Mountain
Kingsway Golf Club
Kirk, Thomas
Kirk's Ferry
Kirk's Ferry Post Office
Klock, Robert
Knapp, Caroline

Larose, Francis X.
Leamy, Andrew
Leppard, Philip
Little Chaudière Portage (Val Tetreau)
Lnwam Lodge (Farm Point)
Losee, Gertrude
Luukonen, Siiri
Lynott, Sarah

Macintyre, Frank
Madaren House (Wakefield)
Maclaren, David
Manor House, The (Wakefield)
Maples, The (Wakefield)
Mason, Bill
Maxwell, John
McClelland, James
McConaghey, Robert
McConnell, James
McConnell, William
McDougall, Majorie
McGarry, Brian
McGarry, David
McKittrick, George
McSweeney, John
Meech Lake
Meech, Asa, Rev.
Meech Creek Valley
Moffatt, Timothy
Moore, David
Moore, Francis
Moore, Job
Morse, Eric
Mousseau, Lac
Mousseau, Joe
Mulvihill, Michael
Murtagh, Patrick

Nankin, Thomas J.
North Wakefield Mission
North Wakefield - see Alcove

O'Meara, Bridget
O'Meara, William
O'Neil, Paddy
O'Neil House (Chelsea)
O'Neill, Helen (Ellen)
Old Chelsea
Old Chelsea Protestant Burial Ground
Olmstead, Abram
Olmstead, Nancy
Olmstead, Sarah

Padden, Tom
Parent, Fred
Parker, Harvey
Pearson, Rt. Hon. Lester B.
Pink, Elizabeth
Prentiss, Howard (Harry)
Prentiss, Thomas Brigham
Prentiss House (Chelsea)
Pritchard, Andrew
Pritchard Homestead (Alcove)
Pritchard, James
Protestant Burial Ground (Old Chelsea)

Radmore, Calvin
Radmore, Mary Jane
Reid, Ernest
Reid, Thomas
Remic, Isaac
Reynolds, John (Jack)
Rice, Joseph
Ricker, Lois
Rollins, Samuel K.
Routhy, George
Rusenstrom, John
Ryan , William

Scott Road
Scott, John
Scott, Michael
Simmons, Benjamin Alonzo
Simmons, George
Smith, F.R., Rev.
Smith, William
Snow, John
South Hull Municipality
Sparks, Mary
Sparks, Nicholas
Sprague, Lucy
St. Alexandre College (Limbour)
St. Andrew's Church (Cantley)
St. Clement Church (Farm Point)
St-Etienne-de-Chelsea Parish
St. James Anglican Church (Hull)
St. Mary Magdalene Church (Chelsea)
St. Stephen's Church (Old Chelsea)
Stevenson, Hans
Stewart, W. Lyn
Sully, Robert Newton
Sweeney's Inn (Old Chelsea)
Symmes, Charles
Symmes' Landing

Tabemacle, The (Mountain Road)
Taylor, James Finlayson
Tilley, William James
Town Hall (Old Chelsea)
Tréau de Coeli, Désiré Louis Gustave
Turnpike End

Underhand, John
Union Mission Church (Kirk's Ferry)

Wakefield Inn
Wakefield Mill
Wakefield North - see Alcove
Waller, Laird
Wanless, Jean
Waterston, Jessie
Waterston, Lloyd
Willson, Thomas Leopold ("Carbide")
Wilson, Henry
Wilson's Corner
Wright, Abigail
Wright, Alonzo
Wright, Benjamin Hooper
Wright, C.B. and Sons
Wright, Charles Brown
Wright, Charlotte
Wright, Christopher Columbus
Wright, Mary (Polly)
Wright, Nancy Louisa
Wright, Philemon
Wright, Philemon Jr.
Wright, Stephen, Dr.
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Tiberius
Wyman, Daniel
Wyman Family