The Pat Evans (Skipper's) Corner

Echoes from the Past

Articles on the history of the Gatineau from the Patrick Evans column "Echoes from the Past", originally printed in the Low Down to Hull and Back News and subsequently compiled by Jay Atherton and published in book form by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (under its former name the Historical Society of the Gatineau) at Chelsea, Quebec, 1998.


The purpose of the Historical Society of the Gatineau "to promote matters of historical or heritage significance in the general area of the Gatineau Valley," could not be more succinctly fulfilled than through the Echoes from the Past with Pat Evans columns published in The Low Down to Hull and Back News.

For more than ten years Pat Evans has brought to life, through his columns, the people, places, and things of the Valley that are collectively the fabric of the area. In so doing he has succeeded in making history popular and easy to digest.

The words on the fragile newsprint that originally served to convey his carefully crafted stories are now somewhat more permanent on these pages. This publication reproduces only a selection of Pat Evans' output over the past decade - enough, however, to demonstrate the importance of his contribution to the preservation of our heritage.

Ernie Mahoney
The Historical Society of the Gatineau
Wakefield, 1998