The Pat Evans (Skipper's) Corner

Echoes from the Past

Articles on the history of the Gatineau from the Patrick Evans column "Echoes from the Past", originally printed in the Low Down to Hull and Back News and subsequently compiled by Jay Atherton and published in book form by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (under its former name the Historical Society of the Gatineau) at Chelsea, Quebec, 1998.


For the love of history - consistent with the true definition of an "amateur." This is the spirit that drives Pat Evans; it is the same spirit that motivated the Historical Society of the Gatineau to undertake the very pleasant task of assembling and publishing a collection of his columns on local history from The Low Down to Hull and Back News.

This is a random selection of his columns, taken not directly from The News, but from Pat Evans' own scrapbook of his columns (in some case with emendations added after the fact). At Pat's own request, the columns are not dated as to when they first appeared in print. There is, however, on obvious clue as to time period. For the first two years (1988-1990) the texts were printed; thereafter, they appear in Pat's own neat lettering (a skill he learnt as a young man shortly after his arrival in Canada).

The subjects covered by the columns concentrate on the lower Gatineau area (between Chelsea and Wakefield). This was done at the request of The News, rather than because of any lack of interest in other areas on the part of the author. Taken as they are, these "echoes from the past" demonstrate a passion for local history. Some are provocative. We hope they will pique the readers' interest and perhaps stimulate further research and writing on the heritage of our region.

The publication that you are holding in your hands is intended as a tribute to the contributions of Pat Evans to the written history of the Gatineau. Our thanks go out to him and to The News (especially Arthur and Kitty Mantell) for making this project possible.

Jay Atherton
Historical Society of the Gatineau