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According to the Oral History Association "...oral history is a method of gathering and preserving historical information through recorded interviews of people about past events and ways of life." The GVHS Archives has a rich collection of audio tapes containing over 70 oral histories that are available for consultation. These interviews with members of the community both past and present were conducted between 1975 and 1999. Thanks in part to QAHN and the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, a selection of these oral histories are now available in digital format. This transfer from audio cassette to MP3, indicated with MP3 audio, will not only help to preserve this valuable content, it will make it more easily accessible for members, researchers and genealogists.

Anthony, Brian

Heritage Canada. Recorded 16/02/1998.

Atherton, Jay

Treasures from the HSG Archives. Recorded 20/04/1998.

Austin, Mrs. Alex (Edith Allen)

Recorded Jan. 1974.

Bayley, Buddy and Isabel

History of the Gatineau Valley: Local Dances; Clubhouses; Bridge at Meech Creek Valley; October Crisis; Wilcomin Boats; Property-based farm vote. Recorded 04/08/1986.
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Brooks, Bower

Recorded 1975.

Brooks, Bower
Moncrief, Ken
Austin (Mrs)

Bower Brooks: Shanty life Ken Moncrierf: Spinning; Mrs. Austin (MacLaren's Store). Recorded 1975.

Brooks, Mr and Mrs Bower

Recorded Feb. 1975.

Brown, Arthur

History of the Gatineau Valley: School; the train; Dances in Wakefield; Cottagers; NCC; Horses; Cutting wood; Doctor/dentist; Fridges; Cars; Ice houses; Farming; Homebirths; Ploughing roads; the Depression; Language; Softball; Land development Records; Clothes; Veterinarians. Recorded 06/06/1986.
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Clarke, Reggie

History of the Gatineau Valley: Early settlers; Sheep and selling wool; Farm machinery; Stooking grain; Selling milk and cream; Farm Point Cheese Factory; Crossing the river; Trips to Ottawa (selling at the market); Cottagers; Selling eggs; First buses and cars; First snowmobiles; Doctors; Blacksmiths; Sawmills; Sawing bees; Dances and parties; Horses; Maclaren's Store and other stores in Wakefield; Plays; Wakefield School. Recorded 05/08/1987.

Cross, Marjorie Stephens, Trudy (Cross)
Wilson, Preston
Bardell, Linda
R.J. Hughes
Hammond, Jim

Meeting re: Freeman Cross. Recorded 2007.

Cross, William (side 1)

Harvey Brown (side 2)

Cross, Wyman

Mr Wyman Cross of Cascades Quebec. Recorded 1975

Daley, Michael

Why the area east of Hull is called South Hull; Farming; Threshing; Old Notch Road; 1928-1932; Wood-cutting; Road Maintenance; Wages; School; Taxes; Politics; Robbery; Modernization; Expropriation of land; Fire of 1870; Dances; First World War; Influenza of 1918; Horses. Recorded 08/07/1986.
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Daly-Farrelton, Ray

Ditchfield, Harvey

History of Gatineau area; Farming; Post-flood new road; cottages; Railroad; CIP and flooded farms; Cascades Clubhouse; Fire Protection Association; Wages. Recorded 22/07/1986.

Dunn, John

Recorded 1986.

Fields, Harry

Recorded 06/08/1986.

Fleury, Arthur & Muriel

History of the Gatineau area: Beef Farming; Dairy; School; Employment before marriage; Chelsea school; Roads; Winter; Playing cards; Bees; Maple sugar; Milk inspectors; Horses. Recorded June 1986.

Foley, Loyola

History of the Gatineau Valley; Farming; Adoption; Christmas; Dances; Rolling the road; Driving the mail; Selling cream; Larrimac Golf Course; Wartime. Recorded 09/07/1987.

Gamble, Annie

Gauthier, Leo

Wolfe Lake; Farming: Wood cutting; Horses; School; Winter; Church; Music; Hotel; J.R. Booth wood lot; Davidson Saw Mill; Sleigh rides; Harvey LeBlanc; Marvin Kealy; Rupert Fair; Dr David Geggie; Midwives ; Dr Harold Geggie. Recorded 08/01/2007.

Geggie, Dr. Stewart

Grant, Judy

Plans for Millennium. Recorded 17/05/1999.

Hamilton, Clarence

Recorded 15/06/1987.

Healy, Stan

History of the Gatineau area: Farming; New technology: First World War; Harrington Lake Caretaker; Flooding of Farms by dam; Lumber. Recorded 09/06/1986.

Heginbottom, Alan

1918 flu virus. Recorded 15/02/1999

Hodgins, Ruby

History of the Gatineau area; Farming; Cleaning the Shawville School; Customers at her restaurant on Mountain Road; Modernization and homemaking; Depression, recorded 01/07/1986.
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Hudson, Alice

History of the Gatineau area: Her home life; religious division in Chelsea; The Depression; School; Dances; Party telephones; Disappearance of old families. Recorded 10/06/1986.

James, Kenny

Journeaux, Phillip

Laura, Sally

Leach, Pearl

History of the Gatineau area; School; Farming; Flour and grist mills; Homemaking; Newspapers; Dances; Making soap, cream and butter; Telephones; Wartime; Marking Roads in Chelsea; Aylmer. Recorded 28/07/1987.

Leggo, Frank

Lusk, Austin and Anne

History of the Gatineau area; French and English; School; Government relief; Money values; Teaching; Cheese Factory; Selling milk and cream; Keeping food cool; Sports; Aylmer; Trans; General stores; Electricity; Telephones; Veterinarians; Doctors; Mid-wives; Inspectors; NCC; Dances; Post office; Blacksmiths; Basements; Town Councils; Horses. Recorded 04/08/1987.
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MacIntyre, Frank

Early days of Real Estate Business in the Gatineau. Recorded 12/05/1997.

Mahon, Roy

Recorded 05/03/1975.

Marshall, Duncan

Aerial Photography. Recorded 16/03/1998.

May, Hubert & Elenore

History of the Gatineau area: Life in Hull during the War; School: Depression; E.B. Eddy's First World War; Guides and Scouts; Mrs Charlie Smith (Leader of 1st Guide Troop in Hull, 1923; Dances: French and English; Night life in Hull; Wages. Recorded 15/06/1987.

Mayor Judy Grant

Dunderosa Dinner: Plans for Millennium. Recorded 17/05/1999.

McConini, Hector and Gloria

Recorded Aug. 2006.

McGarry, Lila (and friend)

History of the Gatineau area: Wage rates; Farming; Generating electricity; Cutting wood; Dr. Harold Geggie; Box socials; Wakefield Toy Factory; Brucite mine; Tollgate; Wartime activity in Wakefield; Wakefield train; Wood cutting. Recorded June 1986.
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McLelland, Orvil
Cross, Viola
Whelock, Elaine

Recorded 08/07/1987.

Moncrieff, Ken

Recorded 1975.

Mulvihill, Irene

History of the Gatineau area: Farming; First World War; Avoiding Conscription; Beamish Hill; Hcalifax Explosion. Recorded July 1986.
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Murtagh, Gertrude

History of the Gatineau area: Farming; Domestic work; Cars; Government programs; Iice house and tanks; Inspectors; Parties; Walking at night. Recorded 09/06/1986.

Nugent, Annie

History of the Gatineau area: School: Men working in shanties; Peddlers; Doctors; Mail: Telephones; Newspapers; Farming; Bee; Threshing; Making butter and soap; Social activities. Recorded 16/07/1987.

O'Dwyer, Dunn & Toni

History of the Gatineau area: School; Horses; Symme's Hotel; Dances; Trains; Cutting wood; Theatres; Doctors; Vets; Summer Cottagers; Ice house; Aylmer fire; Hospitals; Clothes. Recorded 19/08/1987.
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Park, Frank and Maud

History of the Gatineau area: E.B. Eddy's; Sports and Recreation; Horace Benedict; SchoolMarket Picnics; Stores; Frming Women in the workforce; Ice Cream; Bees. Recorded 19/06/1987.

Phillipe, M

Phillipe, Theopile
Moncrieff, Ken

Recorded 1975.

Quipp, Ed

Early ski developments: Beamish, Fortune and Dome Hill. Recorded 20/10/1997.
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Resides, Edgar & Jessie

History of the Gatineau area: Farming; Machinery; Teaching; School; Cars; Dances; Quilting; Corn Husking; Bees; Chicken Feasts; French and English; Mail; Cheese factory. Recorded 25/06/1987.

Reid, Harold
Hughes, Bob
Milks, Harry

Chelsea School. Recorded 17/11/1997.

Robillard; Barry

Lakes Fishing Club; White Pines Club; Jessie Gilmour; Boy Scouts; Tom Ahearn; Soper; Lumber; Frank Cross; Mullins Creek. Recorded Jan. 2006.

Sinclair, Alex and Tamarack

"Hills of the Gatineau" Songs. Recorded ?
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Warren, Jake

Diplomates and Distinguished Canadians of the Gatineau. Recorded 17/02/1997.

Watson, Arnold

History of the Gatineau area: Woodcutting; Army experiences; Farming; Sale of animals; Bees; School; Church; Aylmer Fire; Aylmer; Armenian peddlers. Recorded 20/06/1986.

Woodburn, Mr and Mrs David

Recorded 31/07/1986.

Woodburn, Mr and Mrs David (Irene Labrick)

Recorded July 1981.

Younge, Mick & Edna

History of the Gatineau area: Selling potatos and wood in Hull; Working for the NCC; Farming; Cutting wood; Work and wages in 1933; Wild animals; Teaching. Recorded 19/06/1986.