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1891 Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que.

Alcove United Church (Alcove, Quebec)--History Alleyn & Cawood Township (Quebec)--History
Alleyn & Cawood Township (Quebec)--Genealogy
Architecture--Quebec (Province)--Aylmer
Archival materials--Conservation and restoration
Archival materials--valuation
Archives--Canada--Safety measures
Archives--Canada--Union lists
Aylmer (Quebec)--Biography
Aylmer (Quebec)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Aylmer (Quebec)--History
Aylmer Region (Quebec)--History
Aylmer Road (Quebec)--History
Aylmer United Church (Aylmer, Quebec)--History

Biography--Quebec (Province)
Blythe family
Bonsall family
Boone family
Bowman Township (Quebec)--History
Brooks family

Cameron family
Camp sites, facilities, etc.--Gatineau Park (Quebec)--Guidebooks
Canada-- Genealogy--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Canada. Copyright Act
Canadian Armed Forces Medical
Canadian Forces Medical Service
Canadians, English-speaking--Quebec (Province)--Economic conditions
Canadians, English-speaking--Quebec (Province)--History--Congresses
Canadians, English-speaking--Quebec (Province)--Social conditions
Cantley (Quebec)--Genealogy
Carbide Willson
Cascades (Quebec)
Catalogs, Union--Canada
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Cantley
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau River Valley
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Hull
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Hull (Township)
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Lascelles
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Lochabar Bay
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Low
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Norway Bay
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Rupert
Cemeteries--Quebec (Province)--Wakefield
Census - 1851
Census - 1861
Chaudière Dam
Chelsea (Quebec)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Chelsea (Quebec)--Description--Guide-books
Chelsea (Quebec)--Genealogy
Chelsea (Quebec)--History
Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery
Chelsea United Church (Chelsea, Que.)
Church of St. Mary Magdalene (Chelsea, Que.)
Church records and registers--Quebec (Province)--Cantley
Church records and registers--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau
Church records and registers--Quebec (Province)--Martindale
Church records and registers--Quebec (Province)--Poltimore
Church records and registers--Quebec (Province)--Venosta
Church, Gardner--House in Chelsea
Churches, Anglican--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
Churches, Anglican--Quebec (Province)--Hull
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--East Aldfield
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Farrellton
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Fieldville
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Lac-Sainte-Marie
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Ste-Cécile de Masham--History
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Venosta
Churches, Catholic--Quebec (Province)--Wolf Lake
Churches, United--Quebec (Province)--Alcove
Churches, United--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
Churches, United--Quebec (Province)--Lucerne
Cities and towns--National Capital Region (Ont. and Quebec)
City planning--Ontario--Ottawa-Carleton
City planning--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
City planning--Quebec (Province)--Hull
City planning--Quebec (Province)--West Hull
Community development--Quebec (Province)
Country life--Québec (Province)--Low (Canton)
Covered bridges--Quebec (Province)--Guidebooks
Covered bridges--Quebec (Province)--Wakefield
Cultural property, Protection of--Canada--Congresses

Danford Lake (Quebec)--Biography
Danford Lake (Quebec)--History
Diamond family
Donors--Quebec (Province)--Wakefield

Eardley Township (Quebec)--Genealogy
East Aldfield (Quebec)--History
Education--Gatineau Valley--History
Education--Low (Que.)--History
Education--Masham (Que.)--History
Education--Wakefield (Que.)--History
Edwards Company
Emergency management--Canada

Fair Use (Copyright)--Canada
Family--Quebec (Province)--Low (Canton)
Farm-Point (Quebec)--History
Farrellton (Quebec)--History
Ferguson family
Fishing lodges--Quebec (Province)
Flagg family
Flour mills---Quebec (Province)
Folklore--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau Region
Folklore--Quebec (Province)--Pontiac Region

Gatineau (Quebec)--Description and travel
Gatineau (Quebec)--History
Gatineau Park (Quebec)
Gatineau Park (Quebec)--History
Gatineau Region (Quebec)--Social life and customs
Gatineau River Valley (Quebec)--Genealogy
Gatineau River Valley (Quebec)--Church history
Gatineau River Valley (Quebec)--Genealogy
Gatineau River Valley (Quebec)--History
Gatineau River Valley (Quebec)--Pictorial works
Gatineau Valley (Quebec)--Church history
Geggie, H.J.G.(Harold James Gugy), 1886-1966
Geology--Ontario--Ottawa District
Geology--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau-Lièvre District
Germans--Quebec (Province)--Mulgrave-et-Derry--History
Gilmore family
Gilmour & Hughson, Ltd.
Gilmour and Company--History
Golf--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea--History
Gordon Relief Expedition, 1884-1885--Participation, Canadian
Grand, Lake, Region (Val-des- Monts, Québec)--History
Grand, Lake, Region (Val-des-Monts, Québec)--Biography
Grimes family
Grimes, Michael, 1798-1895
Grosse Île, La (Montmagny, Quebec)--Genealogy
Gt. Britain--Genealogy--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Hall's Cemetery, Wakefield, Que.
Hanley family
Heggveit, Bruce
Hewson family
High Falls (Quebec)--Biography
High Falls (Quebec)--History
Highway from Cascades to Wakefield
Hiking--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau Park--Guidebooks
Historic bridges--Ontario--Ottawa
Historic bridges--Quebec (Province)--Hull
Historic buildings--Canada
Historic Buildings--Canada
Historic buildings--National Capital Region (Ont. and Québec)--Guidebooks
Historic buildings--Quebec (Province)--Aylmer--Guide-books
Historic buildings--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
Historic buldings--Quebec (Province)--Aylmer
Historic preservation--Canada--Congresses
Holy Cross Church (Fieldville, Que.)
Hul (Quebec)--Genealogy
Hull (Quebec)--Description
Hull (Quebec)--Description--Views
Hull (Quebec)--Economic conditions
Hull (Quebec)--Genealogy
Hull (Quebec)--History
Hull (Quebec)--Industries
Hull Region (Quebec)--History
Hull Township (Quebec)--Genealogy
Hydroelectric power plants--Canada
Hydroelectric power plants--Chelsea (Que.)
Hyndman, Robert

Indians of North America--Maritime Provinces
Indians of North America--Quebec (Province)
Irish--Quebec (Province)--Grosse Île, La (Montmagny)
Irish Canadians--Quebec (Province)--Bibliography
Irish Canadians--Quebec (Province)--Ethnic
Irish Canadians--Quebec (Province)--Historiography
Irish Canadians--Social conditions--Quebec (Province)--Historiography

J. E. Boyle Co.
J. Edgar Boyle, d. 1992

Kingsmere (Quebec)--History
La Pêche (Quebec)--Description--Guide-books
La Pêche (Quebec)--History
Lac-Sainte-Marie (Québec)--History
Lambton, Gunda, 1914-
Larrimac Golf Club
Lascelles Anglican Cemetery, Que.
Libraries--Canada--Safety measures
Library materials--Conservation and restoration
Lièvre (Quebec)--Description and travel
Linguistic minorities--Quebec (Province)
Lochabar Bay Cemetery
Lochabar Region (Quebec)--Genealogy
Logging--Gatineau River Valley--History
Logging--Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--History
Logging--Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--Pictorial works
Low (Québec : Canton)--Social life and customs-- Keeley family
Low (Quebec)--Genealogy
Lumber trade--Canada--Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)
Lumber trade--Ontario--Trenton--History
Lumbering--Gatineau River Valley--History
Lumbering--Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--History

MacLaren Cemetery, Wakefield, Que.
MacLaren family
Maniwaki (Quebec)--History
Masham (Quebec)--History
Masham Township, Que.--Genealogy
Maxwell family
Maxwell, Anslem, 1802-1881
McClelland family
McClinton, John
McConnery family
McSheffrey family
Medicine, Rural--Practice--Quebec (Province)
Medicine, Rural--Quebec (Province)--History
Mines and mineral resources--Canada
Mines and mineral resources--Ontario
Mines and mineral resources--Quebec (Province)
Mitchell Private Cemetery
Mountain View United Church (Lucerne, Que.)
Mulgrave-et-Derry (Quebec)--Genealogy
Mulgrave-et-Derry (Quebec)--History

Names, Geographical--Canada--National Capital Region
Names, Geographical--Ontario--Ottawa
Names, Geographical--Quebec (Province)--Hull
National Capital Region (Ont. and Quebec)
National Capital Region (Ont. and Québec)--Guidebooks
National Capital Region (Ont. and Quebec)--History--Bibliography
National Capital Region (Quebec)
New England - Genealogy
New England - History
Norway Bay (Quebec)--Genealogy
Norway Bay (Quebec)--History--Pictorial works
Norway Bay Anglican Cemetery
Norway Bay United Cemetery

Oblates of Mary Immaculate, O.M.I.
Old Cemetery, Rupert, Que.
Old Chelsea Protestant Burial Ground, Chelsea, Que.
Ornamental horticulture--Quebec (Province)
Ottawa (Ont.)--Biography
Ottawa (Ont.)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Ottawa (Ont.)--Description
Ottawa (Ont.)--Description--Views
Ottawa (Ont.)--Description and travel
Ottawa (Ont.)--Guidebooks
Ottawa (Ont.)--History
Ottawa metropolitan area (Ont.)--Biography--Portraits
Ottawa metropolitan area (Ont.)--Description and travel--Views
Ottawa metropolitan area (Ont.)--Genealogy
Ottawa region--Guidebooks
Ottawa region--Historic Houses
Ottawa region (Ont.)--History
Ottawa region (Ont.)--History, Local
Ottawa River (Quebec and Ont.)--Bridges
Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)
Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--Anecdotes
Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--Biography
Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--Genealogy
Ottawa River Valley (Quebec and Ont.)--History
Ottawa Ski Club--History
Our Lady of Sorrows Church (Venosta, Quebec)
Outaouais Region (Quebec)--Description and travel--Guidebooks
Outaouais Region (Quebec)--Economic conditions
Outaouais Region (Quebec)--History
Outaouais Region (Quebec)--History--Congresses
Outaouais Region (Quebec)--Social conditions
Outdoor recreation--Ontario, Eastern--Guidebooks

Paroisse Sa int-Nom-de-Marie (Lac-Sainte-Marie, Québec)--History
Paroisse St- François d'Assise (Lac-des-Loups, Québec)--History
Paroisse St e-Cécile de Masham (La Pêche, Quebec)--History
Paroisse St e-Sophie (East Aldfield, Québec)--History
Photograph collections--Canada--Union lists
Physicians--Quebec (Province) Wakefield
Physicians (General practice)--Quebec (Province)--Biography
Physicians (General Practice)--Quebec (Province)--Biography
Pickanock River (Quebec)
Pinhey family
Pink's Cemetery, Hull Township, Que.
Pioneers--Quebec (Province)--Farrellton--Genealogy
Pioneers--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau River Valley--Genealogy
Pioneers--Quebec (Province)--Martindale
Poltimore (Quebec)--Genealogy
Pontiac County (Quebec)--History
Pontiac Pacific Junction Railway
Pontiac Region (Quebec)--Description and travel--Guide-books
Pontiac Region (Quebec)--Social life and customs
Postal service--Chelsea (Que.)
Priests--Quebec (Province)--Cantley
Pritchard family
Private Cemetery, Chelsea, Que.
Protestant Burial Ground, Old Chelsea, Que.
Protestant Cemetery, Cantley, Que.
Public buildings--Ontario--Ottawa

Quarantine--Quebec (Province)--Grosse Île, La (Montmagny)
Quebec (Province)--Description and travel
Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network--Congresses
Queen's scarf

Ralph family
Recreation--Quebec (Province)--Outaouais
Registers of births, etc.--Quebec (Province)--Chelsea
Registers of births, etc.--Quebec (Province)--Grosse Île, La (Montmagny)
Reid family
Rice family
Rupert, (Quebec)--Genealogy

Sholdice family
Shouldice family
South African war, 1899-1902--Biography
Sparks family
St. Camillus Church (Farrellton, Que.)
St. Camillus Church (Farrellton, Que.)--History
St. Camillus Parish (Farrellton, Que.)--History
St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cantley, Que.
St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church (Cantley, Que.)
St. James Cemetery
St. James Church (Hull, Que.)--History
St. Martins' Parish (Martindale, Quebec)
St. Stephen's Parish (Chelsea, Quebec)
St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Old Chelsea, Que.
Ste-Cécile de Masham (Quebec)--History
Stuart family
Synnott family

Thompson family
Thompson, Richard Rowland, 1877?-1908
Thompson, Rowland Richard, 1877?-1908
Trails--Quebec (Province)--Gatineau Park--Guidebooks
Transportation--Pontiac County (Quebec)
Tuxford (Sask)--History

U.S.A.--Genealogy--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
United Church Cemetery at Low, Que.
United Church of Canada. Wakefield Pastoral Charge--History
United Church of Canada. Gatineau Pastoral Charge--History

Venosta (Quebec)--History
Villages--National Capital Region (Ont. and Quebec)
Volunteers--Quebec (Province)--Wakefield

Wakefield (Quebec)--Description--Guide-books
Wakefield (Quebec)--Genealogy
Wakefield Covered Bridge Project
Wakefield Mill
Wakefield Mill--History
Wakefield Region (Quebec)--Biography
Wakefield Region (Quebec)--Description and travel--Tours
Wakefield Region (Quebec)--History
Wakefield, Région de (Québec)--Biographies
Wakefield, Région de (Québec)--Histoire
Water mills--Quebec (Province)--Wakefield
Willson, Thomas Leopold, 1860-1915
Wilson (Thomas) family
Wilson family
Wolf Lake (Quebec)--History
World War, 1939-1945--Canada
Wright family
Wright, Philemon, 1760-1839