Genealogy and Family Trees

This section includes a variety of digitized genealogies and/or family trees for families with connections to the Gatineau Valley, and which have been collected over the years from diverse sources. Interested researchers should also refer to the Library and Archives for additional genealogical documents that are not digitized. The print documents can be referred to during opening hours of the Pat Evans Archives, or by appointment at info@gvhs.ca.

Daley Genealogy 2.2 MB
The Ancestors of Thomas J. Daley & Ann E. Cronin as compiled by Thomas J. Daley and Ann E. Cronin

Genealogy of Moses Edey 11.3 MB
This is a family tree titled: Genealogy of Moses Edey who came to Hull, QC from Randolf, Vermont in 1805. It is dated June 25, 1971. The name of the author (appearing in the bottom right-hand corner) is illegible. The copy which we scanned is more than 6 feet long and just under 19 inches wide. The copy which we scanned was created with paper taped together. The text where the tape resided has darkened and is difficult to read. The paper is soiled and brittle. The text has faded. It contains handwritten additions. The document contains 149 different surnames which are listed here in alphabetical order: Adams Addison Andrews Armstrong Arnold Atkinson Bassett Beers Belcher Belsher Blakney Bloss Blum Booth Bourque Boutliffe Boyce Bradley Brady Burke Burns Bylo Cairns Calvert Cameron Campbell Chamberlain Checkley Christie Clark Cochrane Collins Cormier Cotie Cowell Craig Creelman Dallison Daly Doctor Dolby Edey Enright Evoy Fenton Fletcher Fogg Forbes Fowles Fraser Gogo Goth Graham Hake Halford Hall Hastings Haughton Hawkshaw Hawthore Hawthorn Hawthorne Henheffer Hilliard Hilton Hoon Janoff Jay Johnson Joly Karaagas Kehoe Keyes Kidd Kinsey Lafranhise Lambert Larter Latreille Leach Leavens Leduc London Lonsdale Lough MacIntyre MacLean Maclellan Martin Matheson Mattison Mayhew McConnell McDonald McDowell McKechnie McLaughlin McLeod McMillan McMullen Meredith Merriman Miller Milligan Miner Minnion Mohr Montmorency Morris Murphy Murray Osborne Penton Powles Powles Pritchard Ransom Reid Reinhart Rembold Rennion Robinson Ross Shenkman Simmons Sloan Smith Sparks Stansal Strom Sweet Symmes Tate Taylor Thompson Tullis Vezina Walker Watson Watts Welsh White Wilkins Willins Winch Wood Wright Wyman Young.