Family Histories

Pioneer Settlers in the Onslow Township Portion of Gatineau Park

By Bill McGee, 2020 Part 1 (See Part 2 for the continuation of this document)

DEDICATION To the memory of Hector Lapierre (1932‐2020), his brother Claude, and his friend Bernie Tracey, who assisted greatly in this little report.

DRAFT Any comments, correction, family stories or photos of families or landscape would be welcome. Bill McGee wfmcgee@sympatico.ca


My first hike with the Rideau Trail Association's Wednesday Walkers in Gatineau Park involved parking at Steele and Hammond Roads, walking in to Curley Lake and following its eastern shore, then cutting across to Lac LaPêche, passing by Fairbairn Lake and, after seeing three bears on the road, heading south to the cars. I was immediately hooked on hiking, but knew nothing about the area. This report attempts to give some background.

Gatineau Park includes parts of Onslow Township; about 70 percent of North Onslow. Although Onslow was surveyed starting in 1806, the northern area (Ranges 7 to 13) was not surveyed until 1841. The lots in the Park include lots 9 to 28 in Ranges 8 to 13 of North Onslow, except for all of lots 26, 27 and 28 of Range 13, parts of lot 24 and 25 of lot Range 13, parts of lots in Range 13 near Wolf Lake.

The park also includes the northern, hilly, parts of lots 9 to 21 range 7, and all of lots 22 to 28 of Range 7, and the very northern edges of lots 25 to 28 of Range 6. The Park apparently includes the western half of lot 28 of Range 12, and seems to be missing a sliver of lot 27, Range 12. A half dozen or so of the lots are still privately owned.

Onslow township was initially of interest to fur traders who traded on the Ottawa River. Then the lumbering in the Ottawa River1 led to a mill of John Egan in Quyon in the 1840s. Initial settlement was in Ranges 1 to parts of 7, and on the western side of the township next to Bristol Township. In 1875 Onslow was split into three municipalities: the town of Quyon, and the townships of South Onslow, and North Onslow. Ranges 7 to 13 were in North Onslow2. In 1975 the whole township, and the Township of Eardley was incorporated as the Municipality of Pontiac. There are several histories of Quyon and Onslow in the references, but they tend to concentrate on the southern portion of the township.

The dominant geographical feature is Lac LaPêche, but the settlers tended to be near the park boundary. There were settlers along the southern edge of the Park, but they seem to have lived on the farmland outside the Park, and so I have not studied this group3. But there was a group of settlers in the southwest of the Park, west of Curley Lake, on a clay belt in Ranges 8 to 10. These were mainly Irish Catholics. There was a group of settlers in the northwest along a Colonization Road of 1860, again mainly Irish Catholics. And in the northeast there was a group of settlers, mainly French-speaking, who were often related to families between there and Ste-Cécile-de-Masham. The southeast quarter apparently had little settlement. Communities near but outside the park include Beechgrove and Steele to the south, North Onslow to the west, Wolf Lake and East Aldfield to the north, and St-Louis-de- Masham to the east. It is possible to drive around the park area on the outside; roads inside the Park are hard on a car, except for the road accessing Lac LaPêche from the Eardley-Masham Road.

Gatineau Park started in 1938, and the Federal District Commission and its successor National Capital Commission bought land for the park in Onslow aggressively in the 1950s and 1960s. This was culminated with a land-swap with the Quebec Government in 1974 in which land in Hull along Mine Road was exchanged for management over Crown Land in Onslow (and Eardley and Masham) township, and as well as rights to the lakes and the extinguishment of mining rights.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Ch du Lac La Pêche and outflow from Otter Lake 2019 [John Goatcher]
Settlers in the Onslow Township
Curley Lake Road July 2020

Settlers in the Onslow Township
1975 NCC Cadastral Map of Onslow showing Gatineau Park boundary in red. [M Mercier, NCC]

The current (2017) map of the Municipality shows several roads in the park, most of which are closed to car traffic.

Settlers in the Onslow Township

These include Curley Lake Road, Hickey Road, Kelly Lake Road, Lac La Pêche Road, Pellerin Road, Sincennes Road (open in summer and used to access Lac La Pêche), Camp Gatineau Road, and Hammond Road (part of which in the park is locally called Bourque Road). Highway 366 is on the Park boundary at the NE corner of Onslow. There is also a hydroelectric transmission line built in 1927 from the Paguan Dam to Toronto; trees are cut in a broad swath along this line, which cuts from the northeast corner of lot 28, range 8, to the south-west corner of lot 22, Range 7.

Besides Lac La Pêche (called Wilson's Lake by many up to about 1950), this portion of the Park includes larger lakes Glynn, Kelly4, Labelle5, Mohr, Curley, Fairburn, Ben, LeBlanc, Otter (Lac à la Loutre), Sandy, and Bourgeois, as well as many smaller lakes and ponds which have been named by various Park users, but whose names do not reflect the early settlers. Wolf Lake is on the northern boundary.

We are mainly interested in who lived where, and the records are the following.

  1. There is an index of Land Grants up to 1892.
  2. There is an Onslow Census for 1843 with no locations given. The Census for 1851 is lost. The Onslow Censuses for 1861 and 1871 both contain location information in the Agricultural Census; these are my main references. But the Onslow Censuses for 1881 and 1891 (like all of Canada) do not have location information. The Onslow Census for 1901 has scribbled and hard-to-read and incomplete location information, and the censuses for 1911 and 1921 do not give location information for the portion of North Onslow now in Gatineau Park.
  3. The records of land transactions are complete and available for download from the Quebec Land Registry. But the records do not indicate who actually lived on the land, and much of the area was used as wood lots for forestry merchants such as John Egan and Robert Hamilton and Charles Low.
  4. Voters Lists starting for the 1935 election are useful but have no specific address information.
  5. The municipality Valuation Roll gives owner (and sometimes, tenant, and sometimes, all adults) names, lot location, number of persons residing at the location, and for many, a building value, as well as the overall value for taxation purposes. Occasionally there is a family shown with no building, or a building with no residents. But, I have only found, in the Pontiac Archives in Shawville, the valuations for 1899, 1902, 1908 and 1944.

My approach is to start from census (7 in all, 1861-1921) and voter list data; anyone not in the Census did not live in the area under study [but this does not mean that everyone in the census for North Onslow did live here!]. Then I attempted to find the family identity and birth, marriage and death information, mainly using Ancestry.ca6 and church data. Then I attempted to locate the family by examining land records. For that purpose I have accessed the index of Actes for each lot, and, occasionally, examining the Actes themselves. And I have the complete set of Actes for purchases by the NCC and FDC. Settlement was very scattered, much of the land was unallocated Crown land, but farmland was often bought and sold. And of course logging was common. Finally, near the end of my research, I have edited the results with the North Onslow Valuation. This is indicated, as, for example [NOV1899]. For each person I attempt to give name, spouse if available, and birth and death dates. I rate the accuracy at about 80%.

The Federal District Commission started buying land near Lac La Pêche for Gatineau Park in 1946. But the final decision as to the Park boundary seems to have been made in 1953 and a contemporary map shows the two alternatives under consideration. The dotted boundary was more-or-less adopted; the dashed boundary had been proposed by the Greber report.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
[Dr. M Lait] This is the map showing, in error, Range 7 in South Onslow.

Except perhaps for those along the Steele Line (in Range 7) the early settlers must have used trails to reach their farms. But Canada East financed a Colonization Road from the Catholic Church ( St. Brigid's) in North Onslow to connect with the Masham-Eardley Road about 1862, and much of the settlement in the north was along this road. The eastern part of the road is now part of Lac LaPêche Road, and the western part may now be part of a snowmobile trail, and part is on Hickey Road outside the Park. Several legal documents in the early 1900s call this Onslow-Masham Colonization Road the 'Chemin du Roi7'. The other significant settlements were along a road called the Curley Lake Road8 which headed from Swamp Road near the southwest corner to west of Lac LaPêche, and which is now part of a snowmobile trail. Although hard to characterize the inhabitants of various areas, settlers along Range 7 tended to be Anglophone Irish Protestants, on the Curley Lake Road and the western part of the Colonization Road Anglophone Irish Roman Catholics (both communities had local ties to Quyon), and the settlers on the eastern part of the Colonization Road were francophone with ties to nearby St Louis de Masham, Wolf Lake, or East Aldfield.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Official Plan 1889 Roads are coloured.

Official Plan 1889Official Name Today
Wilson's LakeLac la Pêche
Wolf LakeLac des Loups
Otter LakeLac à la Loutre
Curley LakeLac Curley

The report on Colonization Roads 1862 contains the following:

Settlers in the Onslow Township

Curley Lake Road Settlement

Settlers in the Onslow Township

John Curley
John Curley9 (~1812 Ireland-1888) & Mary Allen (~1816 Ireland-190710), married in 1838 in Richmond ON, had family Thomas (1839 Corkery ON-), Margaret (John Daley) (1840 Richmond ON-), Mary (1842 Corkery ON-1922), James (1847-), Catherine (1849-1923), John (Catherine McNally) (1852-1903) and twins Ellen (1853-) and William (Margaret Leach) (1853-1946). They left the Curley Lake area in 1859 and moved to Bristol Township, rear 1/2 of lot 9, range 8 of Bristol. Judging by the ages of the children the family lived on Curley Lake between about 1844 and 1859. The precise location is unknown to me11, but it may have been on the lot 13 range 9 of Onslow.

Range 8

Lot 9 Dolan / Gibbons / Dolan
Lot 9 north half was granted to Martin Dolan Jr in 1861, and the 1861 Census has widower Martin Dolan (1825 Ireland-) whose wife was Anne Lamb, and Patrick Jr. (1854-), James Jr (1856-), Michael (1858-) and Ann (1859-); in 1871 the Census has widower Martin and Patrick Dolan, and Catherine Dolan (1846-) from Ireland .

The southern half in 1871 had Théophile Gadbois (1847-) & wife Adélard Chaloux (1851-), François Xavier (1867- 1912) and Andrew(1868-1935 Hull); later they had other children when the family moved to Arnprior where Théophile was a blacksmith.

There is a Patrick Dolan (1854-) & Ellen Dolan (1861-) [she the daughter of Patrick Dolan & Barbara Davis], and children Martin James (1879-), Charles (1882-), Annie Marie (1886-) , Patrick Herbert (1888- ), William Joseph (1891-), Michael (1893-) and Barbara (1895-)12. Martin Dolan sold the property to Patrick L Dolan in 1888, and he in turn sold it to Washington Joseph Johnstone of Ottawa in 1889 with a right of retention for 5 years. By 1900 Patrick and family were in Fall River MA, although some family members returned to Canada.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
[Bernie Tracey]

The lot was sold to Edward and John Gibbons by Robert Radmore13 in 1903. John Gibbons (1872-1930) & Lucie Alphonsine Léontine Mayer (1893-1997) raised children Sarah Kathleen Lucy (Orville O'Hara) (1915-1947), Marguerite (1916-2020), Ida May (Thomas Joseph Tracey) (1918-1957), and after John Gibbon's death, Lucie married Michael John Dolan (1890-1961), and had child Audrey (James Patrick Pitman) (1936-2009 Lunenburg NS) and Lucie Mayer sold the property to the NCC in 1968, retaining an option to rent the home for 5 years.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Settlers in the Onslow Township
Settlers in the Onslow Township

Gibbons-Mayer-Dolan home; haying time [Bernie Tracey]

The property stretches alongside Swamp Road, and the house was on the northern half of the property.

Lot 10 Farrell
Lot 10 is shown in the 1861 Census occupied by Martin Quinn (1816-1893) & Grechin Draper (1822-), and family Peter (1844-), Sarah (1846-), Michael (1848-), John (1850-18), James (1852-), Patrick (1854-), Catherine (1865-), Bridget (1858-), Joseph (1859-) and Thomas Michael (1864-).

But the lot was granted to John Younghusband Jr of March Twp, ON, in 1867 who then soon sold it to Patrick Farrell (1838-1921), then of Fitzroy Harbour, in 1871. Farrell and descendants were active in North Onslow municipal government14, and also had property in North Onslow outside the Park, and probably just farmed the property. But Patrick subsequently sold it to son Daniel Bernard Farrell (1894- 1957) & Eveline O'Reilly (1894-1985) raised children Bernard, Madeline, Leona and Monica. On Daniel's death, Eveline sold to the FDC in 1958.

Lot 11 Tracey
Lot 11 John Doyle (1828 Ireland -) was here in the 1861 Census. But by 1871 the land was farmed by Christopher Tracey (1830 March Twp-1910) & Margaret Curley15 (1836 Ireland-1924) who had family William (1855-1899), John (1856-1874), Rachel (1858-1860), Richard (1858-) Matthew (Esther Ann McNamara) (1861-), Rachel Ann (John Joyce)(1862-1945), Mary Ellen (Patrick John McCann) (1865-1903 Duluth), Lawrence John (Mary McCann) (1867-1936), Christopher (Emma Lund) (1868-1956 USA), Thomas (1871-), Margaret Theresa (- McCarty) (1873-), Simon Eugene (Alice Ellen White) (1877-1963 USA) and Sarah Jane (1879-1941).

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Christopher Tracey and Margaret Curley [Bernie Tracey]

The widowed Margaret Curley transferred the property to son Lawrence in 1919, and his son Thomas sold to the FDC in 1957. Laurence Tracey (1867-1936) & Mary McCann (1886-1975) had family Mary Agnes (Kenneth McClinton) (1906-1989), Rachel (Arthur Oliver Chevrier) (1908-), Margaret Delia (Thomas Curley) (1909-1997), Thomas Joseph (Ida May Gibbons) (1911-1998), Nora Mary (William Howard George Major) (1913-1993), Catherine Christina (Arden Dopson) (1918-2001) , Gladys Mary (1920-1988) and Mary Veronica(1924-). Thomas Joseph Tracey (1911-1998) & Ida May Gibbons (1918- 1957) had family Bernard Joseph (Shirley Ann McKenny), Lawrence Thomas (Grace Anne Jennings), Maureen Linda (Donald John McKenny), Ruby Darlene (Donald Jeffrey McColgan), Raymond John James, Catherine Theresa (Benedict Andrew Teevens), and Thomas Joseph (Joan Quinn).

Settlers in the Onslow Township
[Bernie Tracey]

The Tracey home would be the first encountered on the Curley Lake Road.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Tracey home 1948 [Bernie Tracey]. Painted by Fr. J J Sammon, PP of St Brigid's Church, North Onslow.

Lot 12 Mongion
Lot 12 S 1/2 This was granted to John Pelot Jr, a blacksmith in Quyon, in 1881. The north half was granted to Alexander Craig in 1879 and then sold to Patrick Farrell. But in 1861 the north half (12B) was occupied by James Mangion16 (1816 Ireland-) & Bridget O'Byrne (1818-) (married in Quebec City) and children Peter (1851-), Thomas (1853-), James(1855-), Patrick (1857-), John (1859-) and William (1860-). But they appear no later.

Patrick Farrell's widow Ann Morrissey then sold to sons Thomas Joseph and James Anthony Farrell in 1921, thence to their brother Andrew Patrick Farrell in 1934, and Andrew's widow Willetta Leahy sold to the FDC in 1957.

The south half 12A was sold by Onslow to Thomas Dolan in 1902, Michael Dolan sold to Harry Foran in 1954, and thence to the NCC in 1960.

There is no evidence that anyone but the Mangion family lived on this lot.

Lot 13 Cain
Lot 13 S 1/2 of S 1/2 was granted to William Doherty in 1873 (50 acres). But the northern half saw James Cain (1821-) & Bridget McGuigan (1835-) and family Mary (1852 Ontario-), Daniel (1854 Ontario-), Julia (1856 Ontario-), Bridget (1858 Quebec-), Thomas (1859 Quebec-) and James (1860 Quebec-) in the 1861 census, but no other census. They may have been related to other Cains in the area.

Settlers in the Onslow Township

Julia Ottly Fellowes (1878-1963), purchased 7 acres for a cottage on Lac LaPêche in 1926 from her brother Kenyon Fellowes18 (1890-1960), he having been granted the land in 1925. Miss Fellowes sold the property and buildings etc to the FDC in 1949. The 2020 Master Plan shows a heritage building site on an island; Miss Fellowes may have been on that island.

Range 9

There is a road fragment on the range line, called Farrell Road, which provided the simplest access to the first of these farms. Early settlers were Michael Dolan on lot 9, and Patrick Dolan on lot 10.

Lot 9 M. Dolan
Lot 919 (A, B and C) Michael Dolan was granted the southern half in 1868, and another 1/4 in 1872. The northern quarter 9D was never granted. The family was Michael Dolan (1825-1894) & Ann McGovern (1827-1876) with John (Mary Glynn) (1852-), Thomas (Agnes McFaul) (1854-1940), Austin (1857-), Edward (1859-), William (1860-1871), Mary Jane (Charles O'Reilly) ( 1861-1943), Michael (1861-), Anne (1863-), James (1866-1883) and Patrick Francis (1869-1957). Michael is still on the property in 1891 Census. The land was transferred to Edward in 1894.

However, the land is transferred to Michael Dolan in 1909, son of Patrick and Barbara Davis, the farmers of lot 10, and then to his widow Catherine McKenny in 1924, and eventually to Thomas, as agent, who sold to the NCC in 1962. The deed is complicated and includes as vendors

  1. Mary Helen Dolan, Ottawa, widow of James McGoff
  2. Joseph Dolan, single
  3. James Dolan, widower of Nellie McGoff
  4. John Dolan, married
  5. Dehlia Dolan, unmarried
  6. Austin Dolan of Arnprior, married
  7. Edward Dolan of Madison Heights, Michigan, married
  8. Lucy Mayer, widow of John Michael Dolan and daughter Audrey Jane Dolan Pittman
  9. Thomas Dolan, married

Lot 10 P. Dolan
Lot 10. Patrick Dolan was granted the south half in 1887. Patrick Dolan Jr (1823-) & Barbara Davis (1830-) has children Bridget (1847-), Michael (Catherine McKenny) (1848-1924), John (1849-), Charles (1854-), Joseph 1856-), Mary Ann 1858-), Ellen (Patrick Dolan) (1860-), Patrick (1862-), Cornelius 1864-), and Sibilia (Thomas McGale) (1867-). The sales agreement with the NCC is relatively simple: John Dolan sold lot 10A in 1962.

As enumerated in the deed of sale of lot 10A, Michael Dolan(1848-1924) & Catherine McKenny (1859- 1927) had family Mary Ellen (James McGoff) (1885-1970), Joseph (1887-1962), James Patrick (Catherine Ellen McGoff ) (1889-1969), Michael John (Lucie Mayer) (1890-1961), Charles (1892-1950), Delia Bridget (1894-1976), Thomas (Catherine Ellen Daley ) (1898-1983), Edward (Margaret Bennett) (1898- 1979 Madison Heights, MI) and Austin (Margaret Louise Allen ) (1899-1975 Arnprior).

Lot 11A Madden
The south half of lot 11 was granted to Margaret Madden, widow of Geo Madden, in 1871. George Madden (1817-bef 1871) & Margaret McAndrew (1827-1912) had family Patrick Joseph (1852-), Thomas (Mary Ann McHugh) (1854-), Bridget (1856-), George (1861-), Henry (1853-), Esther Ann (Thomas Whelan) (1865-) and Ann(1867-). The land was deeded to Esther Ann Madden wife of Thomas Whelan and then immediately back to widow Margaret McAndrew. The next generation was (William) Thomas Madden (1854-1901) & Mary Ann McHugh (1862-1941) with children Margaret Elizabeth (1888- 1966 Windsor), Michael Joseph (1889-1985), Thomas James (1893-1920) , Mary Etta (John McHughen) (1894-1980) and Patrick (1896-1986). Subsequently the property passed to Michael Joseph Madden (1889-1975) in 1915, and (Michael) Joseph Madden sold to the NCC in 1961. Joseph then went to live 16 with his brother Patrick who operated a store at the corner of Steele Line and Wolf Lake Road. Both Joseph and Patrick are in NOV1944.

Lot 11B Leary / Mclaughlin
Lot 11B (north half) and lot 12A (south part). Lot 11B was occupied in 1861 by Moses Leary, and 12A nominally by George Leary. George Leary (1800-1885) & Cecilia Doyle (1821-1885) had family Moses (1837 Ireland-), Thomas (1843 Ireland-), Elizabeth (James McLaughlin) (1845-1938), Mary Ann (John McLaughlin) (1846-1915) and George (1856-). Moses and George were in the Mohr lumber camp in the 1861 census, and Moses was also in the Egret camp in 1861. In 1871 the family was George, Cecilia, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and George, and in 1881 George, Cecilia, Elizabeth and Mary Ann. It may be that Moses married Elizabeth Kelly and they lived in Maniwaki.

According to the marriage register 1884 of John McLaughlin and Mary Ann O'Leary, John's parents were from the parish of St Laurent de Russell. The 1891 Census of Onslow has John (1847-1902), Mary Ann and daughter Cecilia (1886-1958). The 1911 census has James (1867-1928) and Elizabeth (1845-1928), but now widowed Mary Ann and Cecilia are together. So it seems that Cecelia was the only McLaughlin descendant. Cecilia (1886-1958) married John James O'Donnell (1873-1944) and they lived in North Onslow. John James O'Donnell & Cecilia McLaughlin had children Lorne Lawrence Patrick (1924 Calumet Island-2003 Sudbury), Matthew (1923-1998) , John Joseph Rowland (1921-1982) and Leo Francis (1925-1981).

Elizabeth passed the 11B and 12A lot to husband James in 1912, and obtained a Crown grant in 1928, and was sold to the NCC in 1961. Cecilia obtained a Crown grant to lot 12B in 1928, and it was sold with the other lots in 1961. The 1961 deed of sale has four vendors-

  1. 1. Lorne Patrick O'Donnell, hoistman, of Sudbury, wife RIta Marguerite Pigeon
  2. Matthew O'Donnell, salesman, 140 Nepean St, Ottawa, wife Kathleen
  3. Joseph O'Donnell, construction foreman, 238 Gilmour St, Ottawa, wife Marion Shea
  4. Leo O'Donnell, rigger foreman, 719 Bedford St, Cornwall, wife Vivianne Turgeon

Lot 12C Doyle / Dowe
Lot 12C (north half) in 1861 saw Martin Doyle (1821-1907) & Ellen Logue (1835-1898) and their family which became John (1857-), Michael (1859-), William (1860-), Edward (1863-), Patrick (1864-), Martin (1866-), Mary (1868-), Joseph (1870-), Bedelia (Richard Dowe ) (1872-1967) and John Henry (1875-). Bedelia married Richard Dowe (1860-1916) in 1896, and they lived under the family roof.

Bedelia passed the lot to her son Martin Anthony Dowe in 1950 and he sold it to the FDC in 1959. Richard Dowe20 & Bedelia Doyle (1872-1967) had children Richard (1896-1979 Smiths Falls), Michael Edward (1898-1981), Mary Helen (William O'Donnell) (1902-Smiths Falls), Joseph Patrick (Leona Brennan of NY) (1905-1992 Niagara Falls NY), Martin Anthony (Margaret Mousseau) (1909-1993), and Mary Agnes Delia (Napoleon Thomas Chabot, Joseph Donald Lefebvre) (1917-). Omer Royer (1885-) also had a small house on this property.

Lot 13 Joyce
Lot 13 The 1871 Census has Thomas Joyce (1812-1897) and Margaret Flannagan (1836-1917), married in 1864, with family Margaret Ann (1867-1929), Ann (1868-), Bridget Bedelia (William Thomas Stapleton) (1870-), Michael (Mary Ann Wright) (1874-1948 Quyon) and Thomas Patrick (1877-1905 Minnesota). The marriage certificate has Thomas having parents Michael Joyce and Margaret Roney. The 1891 census has Michael Joyce (1817-1895) living with the family, a brother?. The property was sold to son Michael Joyce in 1906, but reverted to the township in 1922. Michael Joyce (1874-1948 Quyon) was a businessman and storekeeper in Quyon for 50 years, and, according to his obituary, went to Quyon in 1886.

Range 10

Lot 13A Doyle
Lot 13A (south half) in 1861 had Owen Doyle (1821 Ireland-1896) & Bridget Joyce (1831 Ireland-1902) and three Joyce surnames Mary Joyce (1849 Ontario-), Catherine Joyce (1851 Ontario-), Thomas Joyce (1826 Ireland-). Likely from Joyceville, ON. Perhaps Thomas and Bridget were siblings. Owen and Bridget appear, alone, in the census of 1871 to 1891. and Bridget appears in the census of 1901. One witness to Owen's burial in 1896 was neighbour John McLaughlin. The witnesses for Bridget's burial were Lawrence Tracey and Michael Doyle. The land was transferred to Michael Doyle in 1902, and, on his death, to Richard Dowe in 1948, and the FDC in 1959.

Lot 14 Gibbons / Dolan

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Lot 14B (north half) The 1861 Census has Martin Gibbons (1811-) & wife Ann (1811-) and Thomas (1843-) on 100 acres, all born in Ireland. The 1861 census has Martin Dolan (1815-) & Johannah Dempsey (1837-1875) and daughter Honora (Patrick Tunney) (1853-) on Range 8, Lot 6, but in 1871 they are on Range 10 lot 14B with more children Mary (1859-), Ellen (1863-), Ann (Richard Tunney) (1865-) and Bridget (Bernard G Reilly) (1869-). The land registry has a singular entry: a Hunt Camp was proposed to be sold for taxes in 1950 with the name H B Mayle mentioned. This is likely the Chalet shown in this c. 1948 map.

Lot 12 Oak Mountain
Oak Mountain Geodetic Marker 23202 ONSLOW was placed in 1923 by the Geodetic Survey of Canada, one of several now in Gatineau Park (e.g., King Mountain). This is marked with a little triangle on most maps. The notes attached, slightly modified are:

Settlers in the Onslow Township
The green line is the Curley Lake Road, (called Wilson Lake Road in the note) and the purple line a potential route to the marker 23202.

Station located on lot 12, concession (range) 10, township of Onslow, Pontiac County. Station on solid bare rock on the south end of a wooded hill, a few hundred metres south of the highest part of the hill. Station reached by driving 6.4 km north from the Quyon CPR Station to an old mine, turn right on Wilson Lake Road and drive about 6.4 km to the farm of a Mr. Doyle. From Mr. Doyle's back field, a trail leads to the left of the road to the lake, and up the hill to the station. Marked by a copper bolt set in the top of a standard cone triangle mounted 30 cm above ground level. Referenced by 2 reference marks. (According to Google Earth, the elevation is 332 m, Lac LaPêche has elevation 181 m, both above sea level. Note: 6.4 km is 4 miles. The trail mentioned actually leads away from the lake.)

Mrs Sheila Thomson in "Recollections " describes part of an interview.
From Terrence O'Reilly, neighbour of Richard Mulvihill of Chelsea, 23 June 1966

When I learned that Mr. O'Reilly was from Quyon, Onslow, I inquired about Curley Lake. Why the dam?21 "I helped to put that dam in" he replied. It was there from 1914 to 1918, to direct water down for use in the mine. They needed a lot of water to operate the mine. When Curley Lake level dropped several inches it affected the streams that farmers needed. The farmers complained, and the mine had to stop using the water.

The Joyce family had lived in on Curley Lake, south end22. The foundation of the Joyce home is still there, about 30 feet back from the shore. There was no school in there, but when Joyce moved out to Quyon, he educated himself. Became a first-rate businessman. (Store in Quyon?) He got someone to help him with such fundamentals and the alphabet.

I asked about the names of the settlers on the Curley Lake Road to Lac LaPêche. He looked surprised. Said they had all left long ago. (How long ago?) We mentioned the stone chimney23, still standing on one farm. "Likely McLaughlin. He was a great man to move stone. He lifted more stone in a year than any men in the penitentiary! And the next year there were just as many stones turned up!" (A reference to the glacial residue of boulders in the Gatineau soil, which are heaved to the surface by frost each spring.)

Northwest Settlement

Settlers in the Onslow Township

The 1862 colonization road went across the northwest quarter of the Park in Onslow. Starting from St. Brigid's, the road followed Hickey Road to the road between ranges 12 and 13, following this east more or less to Otter Lake, then going south-east to the division between ranges 11 and 12, and finally heading east again in the middle of the lots on range 12, to St Louis de Masham. Thus, this settlement was concentrated on the northern border of the township (and Park). There is a remarkable plaque in St Brigid's Cemetery that gives much of the genealogy of this area and nearby Wolf Lake. [But George Gilbert was not Irish.] This area and Wolf Lake were very close communities.

Settlers in the Onslow Township

Range 11

Lot 9 McMahon
Lot 9B N 1/2 Granted to John Egan in 1841, in 1861 occupied by James McMahon (181624-1862) & Mary Maley25 (1821-) and children John (Margaret McBane) (1847 Chapeau-1882 MI), James (Bridget O'Hara) (1852-1931 MI), Anthony (Rose Ann Behan) (1854-1918 MI)26, Thomas (Violet - ) (1856-1921 MI), Michael (1858-1870), Margaret (1859-1911 WI) and Mary (1860-). In 1871 the widow Mary and family are on Range 3, lot 10, near Quyon.

LOT 9, 10B Hickey
The Valuation rolls for 1899 and 1902 show Patrick Hickey on 150 acres. See Lot 9 range 12 for the family.

Lot 11B Radey
Although in 1861 on lot 10 of range 1127, by 1871 we see Martin Radey (1816-1895) & Mary Houlihan (1816-1883) and children Patrick (1843-), Mary Ann (John Major) (1844-1910), Johannah (Thomas Hickey) (1845-1919), Margaret (1849-), John (Sarah Ann Daley) (1852-1914), Bridget (Michael Glynn) (1856-1923), Ann (1858-) and Michael (1860-). After his mother's death, it seems that the farm was run by son John.

John Radey (1852-1914) & Sarah Ann Daley (1858-1950) who had children Patrick James (1884-1948 WI), Mary Ann (Patrick J. O'Hara) (1886-1954), James Thomas (Ellen May McCann) (1889-), John Herbert (Ellen Cain) (1891-1975 Sudbury), Elizabeth Ellen (James P Daley) (1893-1984), Michael (1895-1988 WI), Martin (1897-1982 North Onslow), Timothy (Bertha McCaffrey) (1900-1976), William Dominic (Velma Bean) (1902-1984) and Margaret Josephine (John Edward Moyle) (1905-1992 Sudbury).

Lots 10B and 10C had title given to James P Daley by the Superior Court in 1959 and he sold them to Thomas Dolan who sold to the NCC in 1959. Dolan's wife was Katherine Ellen Dal(e)y. Lot 11A was purchased by Patrick J O'Hara in 1954 and sold to the FDC in 1955. Lot 11B was granted to J P Daley (husband of Elizabeth Radey) in 1937 and sold to the NCC in 1960. Thus, the property was eventually sold by descendants (some by marriage) of Martin Radey.

The road veered to the north, and there seem to be no settlements until it returns near Lac LaPêche on lot 17, which we detail in the Northeast quarter.

LOT 11A Hickey
Thomas Hickey and family were here in 1899 and 1902. See Lot 9 range 12 for the family.

Range 12

Lot 9 Hickey
Lot 9 I do not understand why the Hickey family is represented with a road name, and in Census and Church records over many years, but has no trace in the land registry for Onslow for this property28. William Hickey (1811 Ireland-1890) & Abigail McGarry (1821 Ireland-1888) had children William (Elizabeth McHugh) (1844 Upper Canada-1921), Honora (William Foran) (1846-1915), Maria (Charles Gorman) (1848-1917), John (Catherine McHugh) (1850-1932), Thomas (Johannah Radey) (1853-1902), Margaret (John Murphy) (1855-1914), Catherine (Peter McCann) (1857-1942), Patrick (Mary Eleanor Daley) (1859-1952), James (1861-) and Abigail (1864-), all except son William born in Quebec.

The 1881 census has an additional family of the next generation: Thomas Hickey (1853-1902) and Johannah Radey (1851-) and children William John (Florence Daley) (1879-1984 Sudbury) , Margaret Ann (David McCann) (1881-1951 Kirkland Lake) , Patrick Joseph (Beatrice Mary Gorman) (1882-1968 MN), Mary Louise (William George Hearn) (1887-1907 Cache Bay) and Thomas (Bella Walters) (1889- 1930 Sudbury). Thomas eventually farmed lot 11A of Range 11 in NOV1899.

The 1891 Census has families of Thomas, John and Patrick.

John Hickey (1850-1932) & Catherine McHugh (1857-1911) with children Elizabeth (Patrick O'Reilly ) (1879-1952) , Margaret (Joseph Valilee) (1881-) and Annie (Henry John Foran ) (1887-1973), Maria (1892-) , Joseph John (Irene Lillian Sheehan) (1894-) and Clara (1900-). But in 1899 John Hickey was on lot 7C of range 11, so may not have had a family within the present park limits.

Patrick Hickey (1859-1952) & Mary Eleanor Daley (1863-1961) with children Gertrude Abigail (1890- 1910) and Ann Esther (Henry Joseph (Harry) Foran) (1892-). Patrick eventually farmed lots 8 and 1B of range 11 in NOV1902.

The 1901 and 1911 Census have the same 3 Hickey families, but in the 1921 only John and Patrick are shown. But since the census 1881 and later have no location information, I do not know whether these families were still on Range 12, Lot 9, or otherwise.

Lot 10 Grier
Lot 10 A and B In 1861 and 1871 Lot 10 200 acres was farmed by the Grier's, who were listed as Church of England. In 1871 they also had lot 14. George Forsyth Grier (1819-1888) & Hannah Grier (1825-) had family Mary Ann (1848-), James (1853-), Andrew (1855-), Sarah (1857-), John (1859-), George (Frances Woolsey) (1859-), William (1861-) and Elizabeth (1864-). They are also in the 1881 census.

Lot 10A originally granted to John Egan in 1841, was sold for taxes to John Murphy in 1910, who then sold to William Hedley Dickson in 1920. Sold for taxes to J Harry Foran, who sold to the FDC in 1958. Lot 10B was sold for taxes in 1911 to James Doherty, but reverted to the crown.

Lot 11 Glynn
Lot 11 The pair of lots is associated with the Glynns29. John Egan was deeded the northern half in 1845, 11B, and Hugh Glynn the southern half, 11A, in 1872. On lot 11A in 1861 we have Hugh Glynn (1826-bef 1881) & Elizabeth Kelly (1828-) and children Catherine (John Gavin) (1852-), Michael (Bridget Rady) (1854-1903), Margaret (1856-), Mary (John Dolan) (1858-) , Edward (1859-), William (1860-), Bridget (1862-), Hugh (1863), John (Sara Ann Philippe)(1867-) and David (1872-).

On lot 11B in 1861 we have Michael Glynn (1817-1891) & Ann Kilbride (1827-) and children John (1848- ), James (1849-), Hugh (1851-), Mary (1853-), Charles (Margaret Kelly) (1856-), Michael (1857-), Thomas (1858-), Ann (1858-) and Sarah (1860-). But by 1871 this family is in Hull Township near Aylmer.

After the death of Hugh Glynn (1826-bef 1881), wife Elizabeth Kelly is Head in the 1881 census, but in 1891 Michael is named Head with his mother in the same household, but by 1911 and 1921 only Bridget Radey the widow of Michael Glynn (1854-1903) is listed.

For lot 11A, Acte 9004 of 1887 indicates that Michael Glynn, in 1886 a gardener in Aylmer obtained a location ticket for this property and Denis Gorman paid him $40 for the land; the acte acknowledges that Glynn gives Gorman a quit claim on the land. Acte 9005 appears to be a mortgage for $150 on the land to William Harrison of Quyon. Later the land records show widow Bridget Rady transferring the property to John H Rady in 1911, a sale for taxes to Walter Valilee in 1929, thence to Patrick Murdock in 1935, Joseph Foran in 1953, and Harry Foran's sale to the FDC in 1958.

Lot 11B was sold for taxes to Denis Gorman in 1899, and Harry Foran obtained a crown grant in 1958 when he sold the property to the FDC. The Gorman family is discussed in connection with the 13th range.

Lot 12 Dolan
Lot 12A was occupied in 1861 by James Dolan & Judith Loftus and, presumably, her sister Ann Loftus. The parish records for Islandeady Parish, Co. Mayo, Ireland show a son John born to James Dolan and Judith Loftus in 1843.

Lot 12 Gorman
Lot 12C was farmed by Charles Gorman. His son Michael (1883-1945) took over the farm when Charles died. After Michael's death his wife Rose Ann Mousseau (1885-1957) and son Patrick (1925-1985) stayed on the farm until she died and afterward it was abandoned and sold to the NCC in 1960 by unmarried Patrick and his sibling Mary, wife of James Daley of Montreal. The sale included lot 13A of Range 13. This was the last Gorman farm near Kelly Lake to be lived on. [Alan Gorman provided this note.]

Lot 13 Kelly
Lot 13 has a confusing description for the land. The Cadastral map has it split into two halves, one on the east and one on the west. But John Egan is granted the northern half. The 1861 Census has George Edge with 100 acres, the north half, yet Edward Kelly is granted a southern quarter, and William Kelly a northern quarter. In the 1871 Census it shows William Lahey (in 1861 R 13, N 1/2 16, in 1871 R 12 lot 13, employee), Eliza O'Rielley (R 12, N 13), John Michel and Mary Kelly.

In the 1861 Census we find George Edge (1814-) & Mary Behan30 (1814-) with family Bridget (1844-), George (1845-), Elizabeth (1847-), Matthew (1851-), James (1852-), Mary (1854-), Catherine (1856-) and Thomas (1858-). All the family were born in Bytown except Catherine and Thomas, who were born in Lower Canada (but I cannot locate their baptismal records). They are not in any other census, but many of the children stayed in the Valley.

William Kelly (1826-bef 1871) & Mary Garvey (1835 Nova Scotia-1882) had four children in the 1861 census Catherine (Richard Mulvihill31) (1843-), Esther (Thomas Freney of Templeton) (1855-), Edward William (Laura Villeneuve) (1857-1932) and Mary (1859-). In 1881 the family is in Ottawa. In the 1871 Census Mary and family are occupying the west half of lot 13 in range 12, and the south half of lot 13 in range 13. In 1861 they occupy the south half of lot 13 in range 13, and the southern quarter of lot 13 in range 12; presumably the same properties as in 1871.

Edward Kelly (1824-1893) & Margaret Garvey (1835 Nova Scotia-1882) eventually had a family of William (Celia Murtagh) (1851-1939 Vinton), Esther Ann (James O'Donnell) (1853-1929), Daniel (1855-), Catherine (1857-1924), Martin (1859-), Margaret (Charles Glynn) (1861-1936 Carleton Co), Edward Francis (Matilda Bourgeau) (1863-1942 Renfrew), Jane (1868-), Maria (1871-1917), Martin Garvey (Bertha Mae Conmee) (1873-1917 Port Arthur) and Elizabeth Jane (Michael John McVeigh) (1875-1960 Renfrew). In 1861 Edward appears on two lots, Range 7 lot 3, and the south half of lot 13, range 12. They appear at range 7 lot 3 in 1871 and stay there until 1891. Thus, although Edward appears near Kelly Lake, the family probably lives nearer town on Range 7.

O'Reilly family
There appear to be at least yfour O'Reilly families in Onslow and district in the 1800s: Maurice (1814-) & Johannah Sheehan, Edward (1821) & Ellen McColgan, Owen (1810-) & Ellen Culligan and Patrick (1824) & Elizabeth McKenny. Of these, Edward and Owen seem to be in South Onslow, and Maurice just outside the present Park boundary. Patrick O'Reilly (1824-) and Elizabeth McKenny (1830-) in the 1861 census, but appear on this lot on range 12 in 1870, with family Hugh (Mary Kilbride) (1849-1936), James (Agnes Trudeau) (1851-), Mary (1853-) , Bridget (1855-), Charles (1857-), Patrick (1859-), John (1859-) , Owen (1864-), Elizabeth (1869-).

Subsequently Hugh O'Reilly (1849-bef 1928) & Mary Kilbride (1864-) had daughter Catherine (Narcisse Guertin) (1886-) . Hugh O'Reilly sold the south east quarter of lot 17, range 12 to Margaret Benoit, wife of Michael Kilbride in 1900. In 1920 he sold lots 20A and 20 B of Range 13 to Edelard Diotte. In 1936, Hugh's widow, Mary Kilbride, passed lot 16A and 16B, and lot 17 (less the part deeded to Margaret Benoit in 1900) of Range 12 to Catherine her daughter, wife of Narcisse Guertin. But first she sold 2 acres to Samuel Legros. These sales included buildings, livestock, farm implements and moveables. Thus, it appears that they lived on these properties of 350 acres. But apparently they abandoned the land, and others purchased it for taxes and sold to the FDC.

Lot 14A seems never to have been farmed.

Lot 14B Lascelle/Battison
NOV1899 has Edward Lascelle aged 38 with family of four. It seems that the family moved to South Onslow in 1901, Arnprior about 1904, and Saskatchewan by 1911, but did have children baptized in Masham in 190132. Edouard Lascelle was twice married, first to Céline Chevrier (-1893) with whom they had family Josephine (1879-) and Joseph Maxime (1884-). Edouard Lascelle (1863-1927) & Bridget Catherine McGale (1874-1943) had family Edouard Alphonse (1894-1918), Joseph John Henry (1896- 1964 Vancouver), Marie Anne Victoire (1898-), Marguerite Artémise (1901-1969 in North Battleford), Catherine Brigitte (1901-1901), Edmond (1902-1958 in Arnprior) with the rest of their family born in Arnprior.

The property was sold by Michael Gorman to Samuel McGoff in 1926, and his wife sold to George S Battison of Ottawa in 1936, likely as a cottage. Battison's widow, Marie Louise Bouthot sold to the FDC in 1956. Battison also owned lot 15B.

Rnge 13

Lot 9 Fitzgerald Murphy Hearn
Lot 9 Thomas FitzGerald Jr was granted the southern half 9A in 1871 and Thomas (no Jr) the northern half 9B in 1874. In the 1861 and 1871 censuses appear Thomas FitzGerald (1811-1889) & Catherine Murphy (1815-1871) with family Nicholas (Mary McGuinness)(1835 Ireland-1914 Minnesota), Mary (Thomas Murdock)(1837 Ireland-1916), Catherine (Michael Hearn)(1839 Ireland-1925), Honora (Thomas McGuinness) (1841 Ireland-), Johannah (1843 Ireland-1922), Margaret (1845 Ontario-), Ellen (1847-1933 ), Judith (1850-), Thomas (1851-), Edward (1852-), Patrick (1854-), Elizabeth (Michael McCann) (1858- 1930). The census of 1881 has Edward, Johanna, Julia and Elizabeth, and then the family name disappears from Onslow Census records.

Thomas Fitzgerald Jr sold the southern half 9A to Thomas Cleary Jr in 1878 and he sold to John Murphy of Aldfield Twp in 1883. Murphy sold to Thomas Daley in 1907, then he sold to Joseph Armstrong in 1926, he to Joseph Renaud in 1949 and he to the FDC in 1954.

The county sold lot 9B to Robert Ferris in 1902, he to Nicholas Hearn in 1904, he to Patrick Hearn in 1954, and he to the FDC in 1958. I do not have location information for these men, but some are in the census for North Onslow.

In the 1861 census we find, on lot 9, Patrick Murphy (1817-1879) and Mary Lynch (1823-) with family Michael (Elizabeth Regan)(1847-1933), Honora (Thomas Cleary)(1850-1926 NY), John (Margaret Hickey)(1855-1927), Patrick (1858-), William (1859-1861), James (1859-1861) and Ellen (1862-1927 NY).

The Valuation Roll for 1899 and 1902 shows, on lot 9A, John Murphy (1855-1927) & Margaret Hickey (1858-1914) who had family Mary Ellen (Edward Joseph Gorman ) (1883-1985), Margaret Abigail (John Gorman) (1884-1956 Sturgeon Falls ON), Bridget Ann (1886-), Martin (1887-), Patrick Joseph (Mary Ann Gertrude Moyle ) (1887-1974), William John (1889-1973), Michael Thomas (1889-1922), and George Ambrose (Margaret Theresa Cooney) (1892-1973).

As noted, the property was owned after 1907 by Thomas Daley (1885-1956) & Mary Lena McCann (1892-1929) who had children Francis James (1911-1999). Patrick (1915-) and Thomas Oliver (1922-), and others. Daley remarried after the death of his first wife. Thomas Daley obituary states he farmed for the previous 32 years. i.e. from 1922, in Quyon. But the birth record for Thomas Oliver states that the family is from Aldfield.

Despite the Land Registry data, the first Hearn family on lot 9B was that of Michael Hearn (1836 in Ireland-1907) & Catherine Fitzgerald (1839 Ireland-1924), with their family Mary Elizabeth (Nicholas McCann) (1860-1915), John Joseph (Margaret Foran) (1861-1928), Thomas (1864-), Nicholas (Mary Foran) (1865-1967 in Sudbury), Ellen Teresa (George Ransell) (1873-), Edward (1875-), Patrick Robert (1876-), William George (Mary Louise Hickey) (1880-) and Margaret Louisa (James Patrick Halvorsen) (1881-1921). The family is in the Census of 1891, 1901 and various valuation rolls.

Succeeding his father on lot 9B, Nicholas Hearn (1868-1967 in Sudbury) & Mary Foran (1859-1920) had children Thomas Percy (1894-Minnesota), Mary Pearl (Patrick Francis McCann ) (1896-1964 Sudbury), Patrick (1897-1968), Mildred Margaret (Anthony Foley) (1899-1985 Minnesota), Robert Sidney (Ellen Sutcliffe) (1902-1968), John Joseph (1903-) and Anny (David McKenny) (1907-1981). Lot 9B has 3 buildings shown in the 1960 NCC map, and connecting farm roads to lot 8 of the 13th range.

Lot 10 McCann
Lot 10 A,C,D James Shea was granted the southern 3/4 of the western 1/2 of lot 10 in 1862 (log 10A), and appears in the 1861 census James Shea (1809-) with Mary Shea (1791-1878), his mother or sister? These are the only records of Sheas I can find, except Mary is in the 1871 census and died in 1878 and was buried in St Brigids cemetery. James Shea sold the northern quarter of the lot (10C and 10D) obtained from the estate of John Egan33, and the southern 3/4 of the western half by grant, to James McCann Jr (1841-1897) in 186634, and James sold the property to his brother Peter McCann in 1883, 125 acres in all.

Peter McCann (1854-1906) & Catherine Hickey (1857-1942) had family Mary (Lawrence Tracey) (1886- 1975), Patrick (1888-), Catherine (John Foran) (1889-1971), Margaret (Joseph William Hearn AKA Ambrose O'Hearn) (1894-1957) and Joseph Stephen (1895-1975). In 1953 the three surviving sisters transferred ownership to youngest bachelor brother Joseph Stephen McCann, who sold to the FDC in 1954. The map shows a large building on the property, which may be a barn.

Lot 10B on the other hand was transferred from Nicholas Hearn to his grandson Erwin McCann35 in 1959 and he sold to the NCC in 1961.

Lot 11
The census for 1861 and 1871 has John Kilbride on the southern half , 11A. John Kilbride (1817-1892) & Bridget O'Connell (1826-1880) with children John James (Elizabeth O'Hara) (1848-1936), Michael (Arthimise Margaret Benoit dit Vaillancourt ) (1851-1936), Bridget (Andrew Elliott) (1853-1941), Ann (William Murphy) (1848-1936), May (Hugh O'Reilly) (1856-1935), John (1863-), Catherine (1864-) and Maria (1866-).

Lot 11A was sold for taxes to John Gorman in 1912, and sold for taxes to John Armstrong in 1948, and later it reverted to the crown. About 35 acres from the northern quarter (11C) was sold to James Roney in 1873. Lots 11B and 11C were sold for taxes twice, to John O'Hearn in 1899, and to Matilda MacFarlane in 1928. Let 11B later reverted to the crown. But lot 11C was sold to Magloire Joannisse in 1945, then to Gérard Joannisse in 1953, and to the NCC in 1972.

Settlers in the Onslow Township

Lot 12 Gorman
Lot 12A in the 1861 and 1871 census has Denis Gorman (1814 Kilrush, Co Clare, Ireland-1900) & Mary Callaghan (1821-1900) who had children Honora (William Archibald Fraser) (1845- 1870), Edward (RoseAnn Gilbert) (1846-1891), Charles (Maria Hickey) (1850-1919), Jane (John Kennedy) (1852-1912 Ottawa), Bridget (Patrick McCann) (1853-1909 Minneapolis), John (Mary Kennelly of Escanada, MI) (1855-USA), Mary (John McCann ) (1857-1940 Minneapolis), Denis (1859-1930) and Catherine (Austin Joseph Foran) (1862-1948).

But in 1881, besides Denis, two sons Edward and Charles had separate farms.

Edward Gorman (1846-1891) & RoseAnn Gilbert (1839-1916) had family Mary Ellen (John McKenny) (1873-1958 Wolf Lake), John (Margaret Abigail Murphy) (1874-1952 Sturgeon Falls), Duncan (Elizabeth Beauclaire) (1876-1957 Minnesota), Mary Bridget (Patrick Joseph Hickey) (1878-1954 Minnesota), Esther Jane (John James Beauclaire) (1879-1965 Minnesota), Michael David (1881-1924 Vancouver), Edward Joseph (Mary Ellen Murphy) (1833-1922 Vancouver), Charles George (1885-1903 Wisconsin), Frederick Francis (1887-1973 Hibbing MN) and Patrick James (Margaret Helen Stack of St Louis Co., MN) (1889- 1981 Hibbing MN). From Alan Gorman Edward died at the age of 43. He farmed on an adjacent farm in North Onslow, Quebec to his father Denis' and his brother Charles' farms. Edward's son John took over the farm following his death and aided in the upbringing of his brothers and sisters. John started his own family on Edward's farm and subsequent to Edward's wife RoseAnn's death he abandoned the farm and relocated to Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.

Settlers in the Onslow Township

Lot 12B John Gorman of Sturgeon Falls, son of Edward Gorman sold lot 12B to Patrick R Foran in 1925, and he sold to Mary Nora Foran in 1943. The property was sold to the NCC in 1970 by the following children of Patrick Foran and Sarah Daley, all of Wolf Lake.

  1. Mary Nora Foran, wife of Edward Dolan of Quyon
  2. Miss Katherine Foran of Ottawa
  3. Miss Theresa Foran of Ottawa
  4. Miss Cordena Foran of Ottawa
  5. Patrick John Foran of Quyon, husband of Catherine Ryan
  6. Thomas Foran of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, husband of Ruth Rowe

Charles Gorman (1850-1919) & Maria Hickey (1848-1917) had children Edward (Alice Davidson of Webbwood36) (1877-), William Thomas (Ida Mathilda Dunn of Chapeau) (1979-1964 Webbwood, Sudbury District, ON), Denis John (May Elizabeth Cephas of Webbwood) (1881-1965 Naughton37, Sudbury District, ON), Michael (Rose Ann Mousseau ) (1883-1946 North Onslow), Jane (Charles McKenny) (1888-1966 Wolf Lake) and Margaret Bridget (Herbert Joseph McCann ) (1890-1941). They lived on Range 12, lot 12C.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
L-R Maria (Hickey) Gorman, daughter Jane, son Michael, husband Charles Gorman, son William Thomas Gorman with his intended Ida Mathilda Dunn c. 1905 Range 12 12C [Alan Gorman]

Settlers in the Onslow Township
c. 1912. L to Rt are John Gorman, Mary Gorman McCann, Charles Gorman, Catherine Gorman Foran, Denis Gorman, survivin

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Grid UTM NAD27 Canada
Settlers in the Onslow Township
Gorman Old Hut [ John Goatcher 2017]
Settlers in the Onslow Township
Gorman Old Cabin [John Goatcher 2019]

Lot 13 Kelly
This lot covers the eastern side of Kelly Lake. As previously mentioned, William Kelly in 1861 and widow Mary Kelly in 1871 occupied lot 13A. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in 1959 Patrick Gorman obtained a judgment38 of ownership, and he sold it to the NCC in 1960. Ambrose Hearn bought lot 13B from North Onslow in 1945, and sold to the FDC in 1968. Lot 13C was bought by John Gorman in 1910 in a sale for taxes and, again Ambrose Hearn bought lot 13C from North Onslow in 1945, and sold to the FDC in 1968.

Settlers in the Onslow Township
Kelly Lake 2020 [John Goatcher]

Lot 13B sub-lot MacDonell
The NOV1944 indicates a substantial cottage on Kelly Lake owned by Roy MacDonell (1904-1947) & Margaret Holmes (1910-1981) of Ottawa. MacDonell was an Ottawa lumberman and Army officer living in Eastview. After her first husband's decease, Margaret Holmes McLearn sold the property to the NCC in 1969. The building was offered for a time by the NCC to local School Boards as the Kelly Lake Environmental Study Centre.

Lot 14
Lots 14A and 14B are crown land. Lot 14C was sold for taxes to John Gorman in 1910, he sold to Nicholas McCann in 1920, then to his grandson Joseph Clarence McCann39 in 1940, to Armand Diotte, a general merchant in Wolf Lake in 1955, and to the NCC in 1962. But Mary O'Hearn sold the west half of lot 14C to the NCC in 1962. Mary Pearl Hearn (1896-1964) was the widow of Patrick McCann, the son of Nicholas McCann. So there may have been some farming by Edward Gorman and family in the 1900s.

Lot 15B has similar ownership to adjacent lot 14C. Thus, it was sold by the County to Nicholas McCann in 1915, to his grandson Joseph Clarence McCann in 1940, Armand Diotte in 1953 and to the FDC in 1955.

Settlers in the Onslow Township

Lot 16A Daley
The Valuation Roll for 1899 and 1902 gives this as the farm of James Daley (1852-1945) & Ellen Sheehan (1856- 1938) who had family Thomas (Mary Helena McCann) (1885-1986), Frederick Joseph (1887-1934), James Patrick (Elizabeth Ellen Radey) (1889-1973), Florence (William John Hickey) (1893-1985) and Catherine Ellen (Thomas Dolan) (1898-1981). Thomas Daley sold the property to Joseph Portelance in 1946, and the FDC obtained the property from Arthur Lapage in 1954. The Quyon Centenary booklet (1975) has this terribly-reproduced picture.

Lot 15,16,17 Lepage
Lots 15A, 16A and 17A were sold to the FDC in 1954 by Isodore LePage and his son Arthur Lepage, and these men are described as farmers in Onslow Township, Lac des Loups. The sale included buildings on the property. The Lepages were in the Census of 1921 in St Pierre de Wakefield, and Isodore Lepage and wife Mélina Duford are buried in Hull. Arthur Lepage (1911-2003) & Marie Jeanne Blondin (1908-1993) had children Joseph Armand Paul-Emile (1935-2016), Marie Mélina Thérèse (1938-2007) , Lise (1945-1965) and André (-1991). The Lepages could well have farmed in these lots, especially lot 17A, and the map indicates several buildings next to the road from Lac LaPêche to Wolf Lake, as well as a curious set of roads in all three lots.

William Lahey (1833-1927) & Margaret Power (1839-) were in the northern half of lot 16 in 1861, and Range 12, lot 13 in 1871, and in Aldfield in 1881. Their family included Sarah (Patrick Lynn) (1859-), Patrick (1860-), Ann (John Wright) (1862-1894), John (1863-), James (1865-), Mary (John Maguire) (1868- ), Margaret Jane (Peter Lebeau) (1871-), Catherine (Jeremiah Maguire) (1879-1911 Chelmsford) and Joseph Patrick (1876-1877).

Sheehan / Portelance
Lot 16B The first mention in the land registry involves John Sheehan. He appears in North Onslow from 1881 to 1921 in the Census. John Sheehan (1846-1925) & Philomina Gilbert40 (1858-1935) had family David John (Sarah Jane Marchand) (1876-), Mary Jane (John Hickey) (1879-1911), Bridget Ellen (Edouard Blais) (1880-), Edward George (1882-), Catherine (John Watson) (1884-1924), RIchard I. (1887-), Rose Ann (Maurice O'Reilly) (1889-), Patrick Francis (1891-1985), Irene Lillian (Joseph John Hickey) (1895-1959 Almonte), Ada Gertrude May (Patrick Connors) (1897-), Claire Christina (Percy R Morris) (1899-1980 Rockland) and Violet Philomena (William Norman Morris) (1902-1988 Rockland).

The widow Philomina passed the farm to her bachelor son Patrick Francis in 1931, and he to Joseph Portelance in 1948, whence to the FDC in 1958. Oddly enough, Portelance obtained a crown grant for the property in 1958. Portelance was on the voter list in 1945, cultivateur, so he lived in North Onslow then, perhaps on this or another farm that he owned. But aside from his birth date, 1886, I find little other information about Joseph Portelance (1886-) (date from NOV1944) , except that the deed of sale to the FDC shows he was retired, lived in Wolf Lake, and was unmarried. He may have been Joseph Portelance born in Alfred in 1883, buried in Notre Dame Cemetery Ottawa in 1960.

Lot 16C was similarly passed from widowed Philomina Gilbert to son Patrick Francis Sheehan in 1931, but he sold directly to the NCC in 1964. The NCC has since leased some of the lot to the Scouts.

Lot 17B, 17B, 18A Sheehan
In 1960 Patrick Francis Sheehan sold lots 17B, 17C and 18A to the NCC. The deed states that Sheehan had the right to rent the house, as long as he lived, for $1 a year, and to cut 20 cords of firewood per year. Lot 17B was purchased by John Sheehan in 1925, and his wife gave them to their son Patrick Francis in 1931. He sold a small lot to Edgar Huot in 1945 who sold to Dr Rufus Henry Parent (1877- 1960) of Eastview in 1947, and after his death his daughter Adèle Parent and her husband Gérard Serra- Bournet sold this lot of 0.434 acres to the NCC in 1962, with the option to use the garage on the property. Lot 17C, which is near Wolf Lake again passed to Patrick Francis Sheehan, and there are many small lot sales which I will not summarize. Lot 18A is a long lot, the western half of lot 18, and, like 17C, had many small sales which I do not summarize.

Lot 18B was Crown land.

Lot 19A Location Ticket 1882
Lot 19A is interesting because, although nominally Crown land, the NCC paid Maurice Beaudoin $1000 in 1964; Beaudoin had the land by right of a Location Ticket to Hugh O'Reilly of 29 March 1882.

Lot 19B was Crown land.

(See Part 2 for the remaining document)


  1. The 1861 Census of Onslow contains the members of two lumber camps, but I cannot find the location of the camps.
  2. Range 7 was in North Onslow but this is confused by a Federal District Commission map showing that range in South Onslow. Unfortunately, this is the only map that I have seen that shows the two.
  3. There is a thorough genealogy of the Erwin family by Lawrence C Erwin, 'Footprints on the Water' with many details about early life in Onslow on the 6th Range, now available from Familysearch Digital Books.
  4. Also called Gorman's Lake, after early settlers.
  5. Although not labelled on many (any?) maps, this lake was well known to the early settlers. The naming is obscure. Thanks to Hector Lapierre and Bernie Tracey for this.
  6. Of course, just because a family tree is shown on Ancestry does not indicate accuracy or even truth. Sometimes I check with the Church BMD records.
  7. Perhaps equivalent to the term 'King's Highway' in Ontario; i.e. a provincial government road.
  8. Although the Curley Lake Road originally went to Curley Lake, nowadays the southerly portion of the road runs along the stream that is the outflow from Curley Lake and the road continues north past Oak Mountain to Pellerin Road. Mainly used for snowmobiles. The road has also been called Wilson Lake Road.
  9. I am indebted to Claude Lapierre of Kemptville and Urban Curley of Quyon for this information on John Curley.
  10. Her son William gave her age as 100 when she died in 1907; the census for 1901 had birth-date 1810. Son John was on the same lot.
  11. but my vote is lot 13D, range 8.
  12. US Census 1900 Fall River MA
  13. I find no record of Radmore's purchase of lot 9, range 8.
  14. The weekly Equity of Shawville has been scanned by the BANQ and there is a finding aid. The monthly minutes of North Onslow were usually published.
  15. Daughter of Matthew Curley of Bristol, she was very likely the niece of John Curley and Mary Allen.
  16. Mangan in Census
  17. John Harrison told me of this property.
  18. Kenyon Fellowes. The first collector of Income Tax in Ottawa, appointed 1916, retired 1954.
  19. The NCC has this note: Michael Dolan House, built about 1888 of materials salvaged from the old Roman Catholic Church (costing $1,000 and still unfinished when the 1861 census was taken); nearby log barn and shed were moved here from elsewhere; NCC-owned.
  20. Sometimes Daoust
  21. The dam mentioned was actually on the Curley Lake Brook, just outside the Park, on the west side of Swamp Road on Range 8, Lot 8. There was a pumphouse to divert water to the Moss mine at Range 7, lot 9. (source-Bernie Tracey)
  22. As mentioned in the text, the Joyce family lived near the outflow from Curley Lake, on the north, not on the south side of the lake. The Joyce family owned a General Store in Quyon that burned in 1959.
  23. The stone chimney is marked as a ruin in the 1962 Gatineau Park map, and is on land farmed by the Doyle and later Dowe families.
  24. Tombstone gives age 38 in 1862.
  25. Sometimes O'Malley
  26. Marriage register of Anthony in 1881 states father John (sic) McMahon, wife Roseanna Behan. In the US Census 1910 the family of Anthony is in Emmet Co., Michigan; he is marked emigrating 1876, Rose in 1881 (after their marriage).
  27. perhaps a misprint
  28. It was crown land in 1974 when the Quebec Government and the NCC did a land swap.
  29. Family names Glynn, Glyn, Glen, Glenn
  30. his second wife
  31. A first cousin of Richard Mulvihill, also of Chelsea, who supplied many of the recollections in Mrs Sheila Thomson's book, common grandparents John Mulvihill and Julia Ryan.
  32. But the Ste-Cecile BDM records have mother Catherine Benoit de Vaillancourt; perhaps a long day for the priest.
  33. I can't find a Crown Grant of the N 1/2 of lot 10, range 13, in the Index of 1892.
  34. However, in the 1871 census James McCann Jr is on lot 7, range 13.
  35. who with wife Mae Foran owned McCann's Chips in Quyon from 1967 to about 2012, and he also operated a barbershop in Quyon. Ottawa Citizen 22 Aug 2012 KELLY EGAN
  36. just west of Espanola on Hwy 17.
  37. in western part of Greater Sudbury area on Old Hwy 17.
  38. Unfortunately, the judgement does not include the Declaration by Patrick and his sister Mary Gorman, by Ambrose Hearn, and by Patrick Sheehan.
  39. son of Patrick Francis McCann
  40. sometimes Guilbert