Volume 50


Up the Gatineau!

Volume 50, 2024

Fromt cover: Tenàgàdino by Claude Latour.
This is a mixed media work abstracted from an India ink drawing from the artist’s “My Yellow House” series project. In the artist’s words:
My grandfather Lloyd Budge worked for CIP as a shantyman along the local rivers for over 30 years, having started at 8 years of age. This work reminds me of the wilds of the river before the Baskatong, Mercier, Paugan, Chelsea and Rapides-Farmer dams were built, forever altering the balance of the original ecosystem within the Algonquin Anishinabe territory.
In the forefront is an eagle feather, on the rock in the centre an eagle, to the left on the cliff an old spirit watching over the classic landscape of the raging river, ancient rocks, logs and trees before the flooding, surrounded by ancient hills older than the Himalayas.

Table of Contents

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1. Early Settlement of the Upper Gatineau Valley: The 1840s
Les débuts de la colonisation de la Haute-Gatineau : les années 1840
Martin Lamontagne
2. The Derby Settlement of Wright Township
Susan Derby
3. Low-Lying Roots
Don Kealey
4. Mired in Mud to 100 Kilometres an Hour: The Gatineau Highway through Time
Helen E. Parson
5. The Cascades Tollgate
Betty Pavey
6. A Shanty Cook: Sifton McClelland
Hubert McClelland
7. A Shanty Cook: Yvette Saumure Bénard
Une cuisinière de chantier: Yvette Saumure Bénard
Louise Schwartz
8. Larrimac Golf Club: 100 Years Later
David Stockwell
9. Celebrations of the Gatineau River
with introduction by Paull Leamen
Tenàgàdino Zìbì
Gatineau River
Albert Dumont

A Toast
Brian Doyle
10. Abigail (Wyman) Wright: A Pioneer Woman
Rick Henderson
11. Women of Cantley’s Farming Era, 1830s to 1960s
Margaret Phillips

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