Volume 49


Up the Gatineau!

Volume 49, 2022

Cover Image: Goya's Dream is a 2022 painting by Chelsea artist Ed Robinson. It is oil on canvas 20" by 16". Based on a photo by Dominique Laroque, this spirited winter scene shows the late John Eaton with Goya (2004-2023), his magnificent Percheron horse, on John's sprawling Rupert farm. Ed had the pleasure of visiting John over the years and exchanging views on art. Courtesy of Ed Robinson. GVHS 03038.023/59.

Table of Contents

  Article Author Page
1. Orange in the Valley: The Reign and Remnants of the Orange Order in the Gatineau Toby Sanger 1
2. Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign: The Story of Joe Fleming James Milks 26
3. The Gatineau Valley Alvin Mulligan, with foreword by Paull Leamen 36
4. A Courtship Glimpsed Through Letters in the 1930s Maryan O’Hagan 39
5. Our Cantley Bush Lot
Notre terre à bois à Cantley
Hubert McClelland 50
6. Kirk’s Ferry to Passchendaele, Belgium Frances Curry 56
7. In Memory of a Chelsea Airman: Erle Milks James Milks 61
8. Harky Milks Visits Heteren Cemetery Paul Gessell 67
9. Always in Suspenders Wayne Anderson 69
10. Lac Gauvreau: A Personal History Ian Arnold 80
11. Artist John Eaton (1942-2020): The Beginning of the End Dominique Laroque 91

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