Volume 47


Up the Gatineau!

Volume 47, 2021

Cover Image: The tourist steam train as it passes through the Cascades neighbourhood of Chelsea along the Gatineau River in 1996. Renowned photographer Malak red the scene; this popular photograph was reproduced on a calendar of the day, by Wyman and Son Ltd., as well as on a postcard. Credit: Malak of Ottawa Copyright, reproduced with the compliments of Malak Photographs. GVHS 02988.001/57.

Table of Contents

  Article Author Page
1. Last Train Up the Gatineau John E. Trent 1
2. A Train Station on the Move RJ Hughes 16
3. "Cemented in Forever" in the Gatineau Hills: Thomas Maxwell and Katie Burnett
« Cimenté à jamais » dans les collines de la Gatineau : Thomas Maxwell et Katie Burnett
Valérie Crevier 22
4. The Parson was a Painter Geoffrey Rider 29
5. High Times at High Falls Margaret Phillips 44
6. A Canadian Portrait: 1945 Brian Doyle 54
7. This Old Store Susan Trudeau 62
8. Kingsmere's Sheffield Farm, Two Hundred Years Later Louise Schwartz 73
9. Mackenzie King Introduces a Future Governor General to the Gatineau J. William Galbraith 88
10. Lady Tweedsmuir's Stamp on Wakefield History Frances Curry 94
11. The Mystery of the Stone Wall Jacques Tardivel 99
12.Memories of Mountain RoadThe Right Honourable
Adrienne Clarkson

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