Volume 40


Up the Gatineau!

Volume 40, 2014

Table of Contents

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1.The Legacy of William Commanda, Algonquin ElderRomola Vasantha Thumbadoo1
2.Six Days on the Road: An 1886 Business Trip to ManiwakiHelen E. Parson18
3.Water and Worship: an open-air service on the Gatineau RiverMargaret Avison, with foreword by Paull Leamen32
4.Chelsea Island and Gilmours' Gatineau MillsFrances Curry34
5.Dorothy's Diaries: Changes to Kirk's Ferry in 1926 and 1927Carol Martin45
6.Big Fat CrowPhil Jenkins, with foreword by the author56
7.Pilgrims to the Gatineau ~ The Phillips Property: Memories of its Early DaysMargaret Phillips58

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