Volume 24 - Up the Gatineau!

Up the Gatineau!

Volume 24, 1998

Table of Contents

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1.A Tale About a Name, Two Persons and the Fur TradeP.M.O.Evans and Carol Martin
2.Three Centuries of the Fur Trade, Passing by the Gatineau RegionCarol Martin
3.When the Axe Was KingArchie Pennie
4.Sully's Mill, the Backbone of Wakefield VillageErnie Mahoney
5.Stanislaus Franchot and his Buckingham MinesDonald D. Hogarth
6.Outaouais Phosphorus Production: From Matches to Fireworks and DetergentsA.M.Pennie
7.Wilson's Corners Storekeepers and Some of Their NeighboursMary Holmes-Burke
8.The Fleming Family Enterprises of ChelseaAnnie Fleming
9.Stations of the Gatineau Valley RailwayBruce Ballantyne

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