Volume 14 - Up the Gatineau!

Up the Gatineau!

Volume 14, 1988

Table of Contents

  Article Authour
1.ToponymyPatrick M.O. Evans
2.Origins of the German Settlers in Schwartz & LadysmithGunda Lambton
3.At Home Up the Mountain: Miles Barnes, "The Hermit"Katharine Fletcher
4.Maclaren's General Store Circa 1900: A SketchJudith Geggie (1974)
5.Summers on Chelsea IslandIda W. Dale (nee Currie)
6.Gatineau Labyrinth - The Lafleche CaveJoanne MacDonald (1978)
7.About This Year's Editor: P.M.O. Evans, A BiographyJosh Dolgin (aged 10)

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