Volume 12 - Up the Gatineau!

Up the Gatineau!

Volume 12, 1986

Table of Contents

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1.The Thompson Grave Revisited 
2.Doctors up the GatineauDrs. Geggie
3.Footnote to History - floodlighting St. Stephen's ChurchDavid Morisset
4.Harry Carruthers - Kazabazua Blacksmithunda Lambton
5.Footnote to History - when teams and sleights freighted up the Gatineau 
6.Reflections - a Gatineau Man reflects on some of his war service 
7."A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"Lillian Walton
8.Railway 'Up The Gatineau' 
9.The Cars of YesteryearLillian Walton
10.Footnote to History - Boyhood Days - PoemK. Blake McCloskey

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