Volume 10 - Up the Gatineau!

Up the Gatineau!

Volume 10, 1984

Table of Contents

  Article Authour
1.Station Agent in the GatineauBruce Ballantyne
2.Did You Know That... Keeping the Home Fires Burning was vital 
3.The Alexander Story - a family of Meech LakeSheila Strang
4.Footnote to History - that "certain cancer cure" 
5.Folklore of the GatineauGunda Lambton
6.An Irishman in Canada: John EganDr. H.T. Douglas
7.The Haycock Iron Mine - A dream that failedDr. Donald D. Hogarth
8.Footnote to History - Edward Haycock, Engineer and Public Contractor 
9.Early Settlement of Meech LakeEthel Penman Hope
10.Footnote to History - The Old Iron Kettle - PoemK. Blake McCloskey

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