Volume 9 - Up the Gatineau!

Up the Gatineau!

Volume 9, 1983

Table of Contents

  Article Authour
1.In The Beginning - Nicolas Gatineau, a poemArthur S. Bourinot
2.The Tip Top and the Gatineau EchoLillian Walton
3.Land Use History of the Gatineau Valley, 1800-1850Helen E. Parsons
4.Footnote to History - Philemon Wright as a prize-winning grower of hemp 
5.Footnote to History - Attracting settlers to the Gatineau 
6.Fish in the Basement - the 1974 flooding of the Gatineau RiverBarbara Steers
7.Did You Know That.... A dedicated quilter spent her life in the Wakefield area
8.Philemon Wright's Gun ShedDr. H.T. Douglas
9.The Barry Farm - a Pioneer HomesteadGunda Lambton
10.Larrimac Golf Club - A Gatineau GemA. del Panet
11.One Hundred Years Ago - $250 per year in wages plus board and washing 
12.Footnote to History - These Gatineau Hills - Poem by David Westwood 

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