Up the Gatineau! Selected Articles

Volume 5, 1980

Table of Contents

  Article Authour Page
1.Think Twice 1
2.Record of a SummerBarbara Benoit2
3.'Flashed All Their Sabres Bare'Reginald B. Hale7
4.Roots in the GatineauLillian Walton10
5.The Story of a BridgeEdouard P. Laberge12
6.100th Anniversary of St. Stephen's Church, Old Chelsea, Que. 18
7.The Great Fire in HullSarah Rosina Wright18
8.Did You Know That —Reginald B. Hale23
9.Brooks HillReginald B. Hale23
10.Arthur O'Neil's Hotel25
11.Did You Know That —26

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Selected Articles