Up the Gatineau! Selected Articles

Volume 3, 1977

Table of Contents

  Article Authour Page
1.Don't Discard It! 1
2.Pine To Pulp: The Timber Trade on the Gatineau RiverHelen E. Parson2
3.Early Gatineau SportsMrs. Walter Turnbull (Helen Graham)5
4.Great, Great Grandmother's DayBertha (Wilson) Holt6
5.Vale of GatineauJohn MacTaggart7
6.To The Cottage — 1896Bruce Ballantyne8
7.The WindagoGordon Johnston9
8.The Gatineau Mountain of IronElaine Bedford Theberge10
9.Building the Town Hall at Old ChelseaP.M.O. Evans14
10.An 1841 Letter from IrelandJohn Farrell17
11.The Telephone Industry in Wakefield and Surrounding AreasWendy Ellen Quince19
12.Ague Cured for a Penny 23
13.The Little White Church at CascadesLillian (Wilson) Walton23

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Selected Articles