Up the Gatineau! Selected Articles

Volume 2, 1976

Table of Contents

  Article Authour Page
1.History Repeats Itself 1
2.Chelsea — QuebecSenator John J. Connolly2
3."A Rose by Any Other Name...."9
4.Letter from WoburnArthur H. Shearman11
5.The Gatineau RivermanSogarth Aronn11
6.The Handy DrawerLillian (Wilson) Walton12
7.Firearms Restrictions — 187512
8.The Development of a Community in Lower Canada. WakefieldJudith Geggie13
9.Stone for St. Stephen'sRichard Mulvihill15
10.Carbide Willson — 1860-1915Mrs. Marion Roberts16
11.To Cure a Sore Throat: First Kill a BearBertha (Wilson) Holt23
12."Meet You at Dean's Bar at 4 O'clock Monday Morning"P.M.O. Evans24

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Selected Articles