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Tributes: Gatineau Personalities and Historical Events

by Ernie Mahoney

Tributes: Gatineau personalities and historical events presents a selection of stories from Ernie Mahoney's body of work, produced during his career as a writer in the Gatineau Hills between 1985 and 2009. The result is a 136-page book filled with colourful articles and pictures on the passing parade of local people and events Ernie found interesting and worthy of a place in his heritage collection. These stories also touch on the traditions and way of life which were beginning to change and enter the realm of history during his time in the Gatineau Valley (see table of contents below).

Ernie's subjects had wide ranging experiences and interests, some with memories reaching back to the early 1900s. Covered in the book are reminiscences of valley farmers, politicians, a film-maker, a northern explorer, a baker, a teamster, and an artist, a journalist, a priest, a miller, a musician, a medical doctor, a riverboat captain, and a wartime sailor. And there are stories about local entrepreneurs and their business ventures, and how community workers got together to protect our heritage and environment. Also, there is a discourse on the vital role once played by the log drive on the Gatineau river, as well as stories of the old ways in the valley in contrast to the changes that have occurred in our society since then.

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Table of Contents

Ernie: An Introduction

I. Cantley – Chelsea – Farm Point – Kirk’s Ferry
Homer: The Oldest Living Cross
Arthur Brown: Recollections
Whatever Happened to Ambroise Meunier?
Doug Minnes Celebrates Ten Years as Mayor
Bill Mason: The Waterwalker Man
Eric Morse of Morse River – and Larrimac
Fred Vetsch: 900,000 Loaves Later
Robert S. Hyndman: Portraits Personified
Colonel D.E. Macintyre (1885-1974)
Bob Phillips: A Tribute to a Good Man, a Good Journalist
Stan Healey’s Recollections
II. Alcove – Low – Masham – Rupert – Wakefield
Lorne Brown: A Wakefield Legend
The Last Dr. Geggie Retires
Lorne Shouldice Remembers the Nabob
Father André Gauvreau: Not One Man Alone
Reno Helped to Build First Tractor
Ken Young: Wakefield’s Last Miller
Nesbitt Roots 150 Years Long
Willie Pilon: A Walking History Lesson
Bud Drury: Memories of a Master Politician
Roy Morrison: 50 years of Automotive Experience
Mayme Pritchard: A Lifetime of Music Flows from her Fingers
The Changing Face of the Wakefield Inn, 1860s to 1984
A Bridge-a-Building
Sully’s Mill, the Backbone of Wakefield Village
III. Gatineau Valley
A Tribute to Logging on the Gatineau River
Wartime in the Gatineau
Operation Clean Bottom: Muscle and $40,000
Clean the Gatineau River in 1977
Summer Hotels of the Gatineau
There’s a Tavern in the Town
You Never Told Who Your Bootlegger Was


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