Cascades Club 1920-2020

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Cascades Club 1920-2020

By Betty Pavey

Published in 2020.

Please contact the cascadesclub@gmail.com for information about this publication.

The following is an article from the December 9, 2020 issue of the "The Low Down to Hull and Back News".

‘Little club with a big heart’

Hunter Cresswell

To research her book about the history of the Cascades Club in Chelsea, Betty Pavey read through every club document since 1935 and talked to countless members about their memories.

“It was a huge task, as I knew it would be, but the amount of support and encouragement I have received over the past year has made it all worthwhile!” she wrote to The Low Down. “Plus, I love historical research and writing.”

The book, “Cascades Club: 1920-2020,” is almost 200 pages of history, photos and anecdotes from the social and sports club’s storied past.

"The club's century-long saga is one of adversity and achievement, perseverance and pluckiness, cooperation and community. And all this has been made possible by the incredible generosity of generations of dedicated people who have built, sustained and poured their time, energy and initiative into this little club with a big heart,” she wrote about the book’s themes.

She points out that one of the book’s recurring themes is “something from nothing,” explaining that, “A club was built where there wasn't one before and that original act of creation gave rise to baseball teams, BBQs, boxing, dances, dinners, dragon boating, fitness, friendships, fun, karate, paddling, parties, pig roasts, regattas, spinning, squash, summer camps, yoga and much more.”

For the conclusion of her book, Pavey, a club member since 2006, dragon boater since 2007, and board member since 2017, wrote: “The Cascades Club's biggest assets are the same today as they have been for the past 100 years, a generous community of friendly, active people and an idyllic natural setting along our beautiful Gatineau River.”

The book is being sold at-cost for around $80 through the club’s website, cascadesclub. ca, or by emailing an order to cascadesclub@gmail.com.

“Neither the Cascades Club nor the author is making any profit from the sale of the book; it's been a labour of love for all the countless people involved,” Pavey added.

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