Past Event

A River Runs Beneath Us – The Paugan/Opwàgan Albums

St. Michael’s High School, Low, Quebec - April 25, 2023

Don Kealey and Marc Cockburn presented a series of rare photos, maps, documents, and aerial photos drawn from the McCord Museum, Hydro Quebec Archives, the GVHS, and the NAPL to illustrate how the Gatineau River appeared and changed during the 10 years leading to the construction of the Gatineau Power Co. Power Dam, and how it affected the lives of local farmers and vacationers in the area. Over 100 attended the event with additional via livestream. Quote from Facebook comment "That was fantastic! The photos you chose are beautiful and the way you overlaid them on Google Earth and layered in the maps and aerial photos was amazing."

Capturing and sharing the history of the area is essential and in the GVHS endeavour to recognize students who have an interest in local history. The GVHS acknowledged two attending students by bestowing on each of them a free two-year membership to the Gatineau Valley Historical Society, including a copy of the forthcoming 49th volume of the Up the Gatineau! publication which will be released in the coming months and, the 50th Anniversary volume which will be released in 2024.

Viseo of presentation

Total length 1h:29min, ceremony start at 7:30, presentation start at 13:00