Past Event

Annual General Meeting and Archives Open House

Chelsea Library, 100 Old Chelsea Rd., Chelsea, Quebec - February 17, 2020

The GVHS held our 2020 Annual General Meeting on Monday February 17th at the Chelsea Library with a number of members in attendance. President, Marc Cockburn welcomed everyone and continued with an overview of our 2019 past events and activities.

The membership re-elected three board members willing to stand for an additional 2-year period (Erik Rask, Linda Bardell & Frances Curry) as well as newcomer, Cindy Duncan-McMillan. The Board recognized John Udvarhelyi for his two-years on the Board and his very active participation especially in the maintenance of the Chelsea historic cemeteries.

After the meeting adjourned, Marc touched on our 2020 upcoming events and showcased the GVHS’ new acquisitions and collections new to the GVHS website including the digitization of articles from Up the Gatineau! Volumes 1-10 now available online, newspaper clippings from the Pat Evans Fonds added to the Text Bank as well as some of the significant updates to our website including enhanced search functions for the Text Bank and Image Bank. Of great interest was the newly added "Local Club Archives" to which the Gatineau River Yacht Club, and the Larrimac Golf & Tennis Club have contributed to date.

Soon to be made available are Bill McGee’s extensive Gatineau Park map and topographical map collections. Recent photo acquisitions from significant collections such as Lynn Lacroix (Stevenson), Bill Reid, Laragh Neelin, Robert Cunningham, Eleanor Low and Ernie Mahoney.

All of the evening’s presentations including Marc’s 2020 AGM presentation slideshow can be found here: AGM 2020.

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