2019 Dinner and Awards Banquet

Camp Fortune, Chelsea, Quebec - May 27, 2019

The Gatineau Valley Historical Society launched Volume 45 of Up the Gatineau! at the Annual Dinner & Awards Banquet at Camp Fortune. In addition to the awards presentations, the guests were treated to one of the publication's contributors and two-time GVHS speaker, Danny Doyle, who shared highlights of his recent research on the Irish language, and through poetry recital and song.

Volume 45's articles touch on or reflect the influence of the early Irish immigrants who homesteaded in the Gatineau Valley in the mid-19 th century including a piece by the award-winning author Brian Doyle. This volume, a diverse offering of 10 articles, features 5 first-time and 3 returning contributors as well as a stunning collection paintings and photography of scenes of the early Gatineau Valley Landscape.

Many thanks to the banquet staff of Camp Fortune for their wonderful service and hosting this event once again.

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