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The Irish and Gaelic Language in Canada and the Ottawa

Centre Wakefield, La Pêche - September 17, 2018

This past Monday, October 15th, the Wakefield Library was host to the GVHS follow-up presentation by Danny Doyle on the Irish and Gaelic Language in Canada. Once Canada’s third most spoken language, he traced the language’s widespread use to its eventual decline. Danny’s presentation brought together census data and historic accounts including the settlement of Irish immigrants in our own areas. A fluent speaker of the language himself, Danny infused his talk with folklore and culture, delighting the audience with poetry recital and song. He is also a sean-nós singer, uilleann piper, and a published Gaelic poet for which he has earned awards. Danny also brought with him several copies of his book, 'Mile Mile I gCein: 500 Years of Irish Gaelic in Canada' that earned him the 2015 Library Award of Oireachtas Gaeilge Cheanada (North American Gaelic Competitions). His book is available for $20 through the GVHS by contacting publications@gvhs.ca.

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