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Growing up in the Strutt House and other Architectural Tales

Larrimac Golf Club, Chelsea - April 24, 2017

Speakers: Lesley Strutt and Titania Truesdale

The Society’s April talk took place on a sunny Monday evening at the Larrimac Golf Club in Chelsea. Guest presenters Lesley Strutt and Titania Truesdale brought a personal and professional perspective to the life of the late renowned architect James Strutt, who had a strong Gatineau Valley connection. Not only did James Strutt design and build a unique family home on Mountain Road, now owned by the NCC and part of Gatineau Park, he was also the designer of the Gatineau River Yacht Club’s clubhouse. We almost had to turn the lights off at the end—so many in attendance wanted to talk to Lesley, the oldest daughter of Mr. Strutt and Titania, an architect involved in the Strutt House Foundation and who is writing a biography of Mr. Strutt.

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