In Memory of Adrienne Herron

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Adrienne Herron

We are sad to share the news that our treasured GVHS member Adrienne Herron passed away peacefully in mid-April, 2021. Adrienne was made an Honorary Life Member of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society in 2012, which recognized her creation of the GVHS Image Bank in 2001. This project, undertaken for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, became the cornerstone which has enabled the Society to grow into the digital age.

She was a long-time volunteer in the Pat Evans Archives and photo editor of the Society's local history journal Up the Gatineau! Adrienne designed the covers of the last 11 volumes of our journal, including the upcoming volume, and contributed hundreds of images for many of its articles.

Adrienne was a talented and well-known photographer whose work was exhibited in galleries throughout Ontario and Quebec, including locally in Chelsea, and is on display in several Canadian embassies. Her dedication and professionalism in capturing and preserving images of the Gatineau Valley significantly advanced the Society's mission to make known the history and heritage of the Gatineau Valley.

Rest in peace, Adrienne.