Image Bank and More

Order Pictures

Copies of photographic images in the custody of the Historical Society Archives will be provided as high quality digital prints from the Image Bank (not from the original photographs). For a nominal charge, the Archives can also provide draft quality records from the data base that include thumbnail prints and text descriptions of photos.

Price List for pictures from the Image Bank

Pictures from the Image Bank are available in the form of prints or digital images on CD or DVD (state your preference) scanned at the original size at 300 ppi in Tiff file format.

Prints on photo quality paper of any size up to 10 inches on the longest side are $10 per image. These images can be ordered by e-mail, Canada Post, telephone or a visit to the GVHS office. See contact information.

Requested images should specify the Image Reference, eg: CD-028/02340-036 (if known). Following are the costs:

  • via e-mail: $10 for one image; $2 for each additional image. Send requests to info@gvhs.ca.
  • on CD or DVD: $15 for one image; $2 for each additional image. This includes a printed description for each image (see sample). If mailed, the minimum postage is $5.00.

Note that only a printed description of a record is $1.00 per record (see sample).

Copyright Considerations

Before the proclamation of the amendments to the Copyright Act in 1998, intellectual property rights in photographs were protected for fifty years from the date when the photo was taken. Under the terms of the amended act, these rights are held by the creator (usually the person who took the photo) for his/her life plus fifty years. However, these changes were not retroactive. Photos that were in the public domain as of 1 January 1949 remain so. Therefore, any photograph taken prior to 1 January 1949 is free of copyright restrictions.

When acquiring or duplicating images taken after 1948, the Society will make every effort to identify the creators of the photographs and to clear copyright.