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Historical Panoramas and Pictorials

The GVHS has restored a number of historical pictures and panoramas from the Image Bank. These pictures are available in laminated formats as well as in digital and print. For more information send email to images@gvhs.ca with the title.

South Cascades c. 1926

Covered Bridges
Panorama of South Cascades c. 1926 before the Gatineau River was flooded for the Chelsea Dam. (GVHS 1460-003/11).

North Cascades c. 1926

Covered Bridges
Panorama of North Cascades c. 1926 before the Gatineau River was flooded for the Chelsea Dam in 1926 and 1927. (GVHS 1460-001/11).

Gordon Fields Cascades c. 1910

Covered Bridges
Gordon Field (also indicated in pencil on the photo as 'Lance Field') on Pine Road leading to Cascades. A young boy in a suit with breeks (short pants) and a hat and a couple with a horse and buggy are centred in the photograph. A split rail fence in the foreground and wheat stooks on a distant hill and the distant Gatineau River are visible. (GVHS 2559/43).

Freeman Cross sawmill c. 1925

Covered Bridges
Freeman Cross sawmill in Farm Point, taken facing towards the river. (GVHS 2503-021/40).

Freeman Cross sawmill c. 1920

Covered Bridges
Freeman Cross sawmill, view loking east over part of Farm Point toward Gatineau River pre 1927 flood. (GVHS 2579/45).

Stephen Cross Complex c. 1926

Covered Bridges
At Farm Point looking south east, starting at the left: Gatineau River, 3-storey house, Stephen Cross, on D. Caves' property. Note Stephen Cross' store and lovely front verandah. Note two antique cars in front of store. There are two Coca Cola signs and possibly a Post Officce sign. Third white building is the cheese factory, followed by a large 3-story, three chimney mansion, owned by S.H. Cross. On right of railway track are telegraph poles, lumber piles and machine shed and saw mill with more lumber piles. Note old wagon with team and teamsters (possibly Manuel Gervais). (GVHS 2330-001/26).

Gatineau River / Dean Farm

Covered Bridges
Gatineau River Scene at end of Carman Road. Dean residence and farm in foreground. (GVHS 1843-001/14).

Kirk's Ferry c. 1926

Covered Bridges
The size of the original photo was 7 1/4 inches x 38 inches. Buildings left to right: George A. Brown built in 1907, now Hellard Road. Frederick M. Journeaux, c. 1900, Ch. Wilson, first cottage on Hogan Road, Hogan Farm outbuildings, church and stable. De la Ronde's cottage, Hellards Hotel, Hayes cottage, and train Station. For further building information refer to Gatineau Power Company map #57, dated 1926, GVHS. People left to right: Lucy Brown and Irene Brown, sitting on railing. Standing at back of steps are Mr. and Mrs George Brown and Alecta Wilcox. The three people sitting are unknown. (GVHS 2349/28).

Log Jam Cascades c. 1910

Covered Bridges
A panorama photograph of a log jam on Gatineau River at Cascades. Several loggers are working on the logs with poles. (GVHS 275/3).

Farm Point Hill c. 1925

Covered Bridges
Picture taken from Farm Point hill facing towards the Gatineau River. Church is on left; Freeman Cross round cottage called the Comet is centre; Levi Reid's farm is on the far river bank in backround, which is currently Mont Cascades golf course. (GVHS 2503-022/40).

The lost village of Cascades

Covered Bridges
This is a poster prepared by Bob Hughes of The Historical Society of The Gatineau to honour the village of The Lost Village of Cascades that was buried when the Gatineau River was flooded in 1926-1927. The poster features the following images : a map, the Cascades Baseball Club, the Peerless Hotel, the first Cascades Club House, and two panorama images of Cascades - see more on the lost village of Cascades. (GVHS 1773/13).

Gilmour's Gatineau Mills, Chelsea 1875

Covered Bridges
Gilmour Mills before the flooding of the Gatineau River in 1927 - see more on Gilmour's Mill. (GVHS 2622/46).