Image Bank Collections

The following are presentations and exhibits that use images from the Image Bank.

Then and Now
Images from Chelsea and Wakefield scenes. Transition between past an present. (Note, can be viewed only on a full-screen monitor)

Historical Panoramas and Pictorials
A selection of restored historical pictures and panoramas.

Cascades Club 90th Birthday - See (Newsletter 2010-04)
A GVHS presentation by R.J. Hughes held at the Cascades Club in November 2010.

Images of Farm Point
A selection of photographs from 1910 to 1951.

Castonguay Glass Slides
Photos from a collection of glass plate positives stored in a wooden box acquired from Victor Castonguay.

Covered Bridges of the Gatineau Valley
A selection of photographs of covered bridges still found in the Gatineau Valley.

Historical Maps
A selection of historical maps.