Images of Farm Point

Photographs from the GVHS Image Bank

Images of Farm Point
GVHS 2330.001/26

This photograph is taken southeast of Farm Point showing Stephen Cross's Sawmill on the right of his three storey home on the left side of the tracks, two antique cars, the store, the Cheese Factory and finally the Gatineau River far left prior to flooding in 1927.

Images of Farm Point
GVHS 2394.023/30

ca. 1920
Aerial photo of Farm Point village, facing West.

Images of Farm Point

ca. 1925
Restaurant on the island at Farm Point.

Images of Farm Point

ca. 1910
Farm Point Railway Station.

Images of Farm Point

Taken in September 1951, this picture shows a plowing match held at Homer Cross's farm in Farm Point. This event was part of the Lower Gatineau Plowing Match. Such events were reported to be one of the largest social events of the year for local farmers. Note that both horses and tractors are working in the fields. Several hundred meals were served at the farm house over the course of the weekend.