Covered Bridges

Exhibit formerly on display at the Wakefield Library.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2420.003/33

Wakefield 1997 Bridge.
Spans Gatineau River in village. The longest at 87.8m / 288ft. Replaces the 1915 Gendron Bridge destroyed by fire in 1984.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2445.001/33

Savoyard Bridge.
Spans Gatinaeu River south of Grand-Remous, off Route 105. 78.2m / 239ft. Original erected 1907; rebuilt 1931.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2439/33

Kelly Bridge.
Spans Stag Creek at Fieldville, west of Low. 27.1m / 89ft. Built 1923.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2445.003/34

Cousineau Bridge.
Spans Picanoc River west of Gracefield. 26.8m / 88ft. Built 1932.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2445.005/34

Chelsea Bridge.
Spans Meech Creek southwest of Farm Point. 20.1m / 66 ft. Built 1932.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2445.004/34

Masham Bridge.
Spans La Pêche River at the Gatineau Park entrance. 19.5m / 64ft. Built 1958.

Covered Bridges
GVHS 2445.002/34

Interior Savoyard Bridge
Shows intricacies of Town Lattice style, versions of which can be seen in these bridges, except for the one at Masham.