Cascades Club's 90th. Birthday

A short slide presentation in honor of the Cascades Club's 90th. birthday party November 20, 2010 given by 'Col' RJ Hughes to a well attended and involved audience.

Log Jam on Gatineau River at Cascades C 1920

Cascades Club
Taken from the east side of the river showing Cascades village on the west shore. This photograph was taken before the flooding of the Gatineau River in 1927.
GVHS 1750/04

Hand drawn map of Cascades and the Meech Creek Valley c 1920

Cascades Club
Note the absence of Hwy's A5 -105 -and even the old river road
GVHS 1747/02

Cascades Village c 1923

Cascades Club
Taken from Clay Hill (south side of Mereweather's Pond), looking east toward the Gatineau River showing the southern part of Cascades village. The mountain is Lorne Mountain named after the Marquis of Lorne, Governor General of Canada 1878-1883 who loved to climb to the top of the mountain to get a view of Ottawa the newly formed capital of Canada. The village was submerged during the flooding of the river 1926-1927.
GVHS 1743.2/02

First Cascades Clubhouse 1926

Cascades Club
Panorama photograph showing first Cascades clubhouse on Gatineau River bank. Hip roof building is the Cascades train station built c 1910 after the original Victorian one burnt down. This building can now be seen in David Cross' yard across from the IGA in Farm Point. Flat roof building is Gordon's store.
GVHS 1745/02

Official Gatineau Power Survey Map c 1925

Cascades Club
Official Gatineau Power Survey Map c 1925
Gatineau River and Cascades village prior to 1926-1927 flooding that eliminated the entire village of Cascades. Dotted lines show proposed railway (train) route. Not all property owners are listed.
GVHS 1742/02

Gatineau River at Cascades 1926

Cascades Club
Aerial photograph of Gatineau River at Cascades. Reproduction in Geggie's "Wakefield & Its People", page 72. Image shows 4 of the 5 cascades in the river as well as the Peerless hotel without it's famous front veranda.
GVHS 836/06

Cascades Village c 1926

Cascades Club
This photo was taken from the old macadamized road in the lost village of Cascades, looking west over the Bates farm fields. Workers appear to be cutting the hill for the new railroad right of way (cut and fill). This clay cut can now be seen near the Cascades Club dock area.
GVHS 2340.100/28

Merriwether Cottage c 1926

Cascades Club
One km south of the Peerless Hotel at Cascades. View shows construction of new raillroad bed with cement culvert in front of Merriwether's cottage. Cut off from access the cottage eventually gave way to decay. Team of horses pulling a unique stone cart with a load of stones and unknown driver. The culvert can be seen at the foot of Jenness Rd beside the Merriwether pond.

Clifford Roe Merriwether was the manager of the Boom Co at Cascades which might help explain the 16'x16"x40' BC fir beams under the Cascades club also he had signing authority on the 1934 Hydro Quebec deed, became 2nd vice president in 1935 and president 1947-48.
GVHS 2283.174/26

Tip Top Snack Bar C 1927

Cascades Club
Billy Wilson erected this summer refreshment stand at the top of the hill across from the present Cascades Club after the new River Road was opened. It commanded a beautiful panorama view of the Gatineau river as it overlooked the clear cut farm fields.
GVHS 1588/12

Tip Top Refreshnment Stand C1928

Cascades Club
A busy day at the stand with it's commanding view of the Gatineau river and Lorne mountain.
GVHS 1683/13

Clay Hill C1930

Cascades Club
Looking south from present day Jenness Rd all the way south to Pine Rd showing the old red brick school house the field where the fast ball diamond was and what was know as the clay hill.
GVHS 2340.180/29

Cascades Club House C 1935

Cascades Club
Oldest known image of the club. The photographer standing on the old River Road showing the score board and 1st base line. The club has no windows, kitchen or trees surrounding it.
GVHS 1591/12

Softball Game at Cascades c 1935

Cascades Club
Softball game at Cascades. Baseball Diamond in distance. Shows 3rd base line and Tip Top Inn in background.
GVHS 1736/1

Cascades - Farm Point Softball Team C1933

Cascades Club
Winners of the Upper Section Gatineau League.
Front Row H. Lamb, A. Burnett, Eddie (flash) Cowden, Harvey Ditchfield, W. McNeil.
Middle row Elwais Gervais, Gordon Currie, N.MacKerrow, E. Morrison, C.Dean, G. Dunlop, M.Yetts. Back Row Leonard Cowden, J. Moore Absent Bert Dunlop, C. Jackson.
GVHS 1711/1

Cascades Club C1948

Cascades Club
The club is now sporting a new kitchen extension, new steps, windows and a Cascades sign. Here it is shown with 4 buses parked in the yard used as a destination point since gas was in short supply following WWII.
GVHS 1740/2

50th. Anniversary 1985

Cascades Club
Of the second club house built in 1935. A special tribute to Preston and Melva Wilson keepers of the club for many years having both passed away in 2010.
GVHS 1748.030/4