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The following article first appeared in "The Low Down to Hull and Back News" in the June 14, 2017 issue. Reprinted with permission.

'Up the Gatineau!' Highlights W'field's beloved community physician

by Shauna McGinn

With Canada's 150th birthday fast approaching, much of the conversation is focused on the nation's major historical milestones. While this is important, sharing local history is also important - these are the smaller stories that may get lost in the larger narrative.

Up the Gatineau Volume 43>
				   <span class=The Gatineau Valley Historical Society have released Up the Gatineau Volume 43. The book features a selection of stories about life in the Hills. Illistration courtsey GVHS.

The Gatineau Valley Historical Society is doing just that with the release of its most recent edition of 'Up the Gatineau!', its annual historical publication.

'This year's journal features some excellent historical tales from the Hills, a notable one being 'Dr. Geggie and Me' by Gerald Ian Pritchard.

Pritchard tells the story of Harold James Guy Geggie, born in 1886 in Beauport, Quebec, who would become Wakefield's beloved community physician for much of the early 1900s. Though overworked and strapped for resources, Pritchard notes how Dr. Geggie never missed a house call and always practiced with diligence and compassion.

His relationship with Pritchard's family spanned generations, cementing a memorable bond. In one instance, Dr. Geggie made the trip to McGill University, his alma mater, after hearing that Pritchard was kicked out for missing too much class due to illness.

Shortly after the visit, Pritchard was invited back to study.

It's a wonderful portrait of one of Wakefield's prominent historical figures.

This is just one example of the fascinating, touching, and rich stories that 'Up the Gatineau!' offers, both for history buffs and those new to the Hills.

Anyone interested in picking up a copy can do so at a handful of local stores and libraries. The cost is $10. Members of GVHS will have a copy reserved for them by the society, or can have it sent by mail.

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