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Mysterious journal find confounds Gatineau historians

It's a mystery of our history.

Members of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society are trying to figure out who produced a 56-year-old journal called The Gatineau, a copy of which was recently unearthed from the estate of the late Wakefield Inn owner Ed Newton.

Ernie Mahoney
Ernie Mahoney of the GVHS and the 56-year-old edition of The Gatineau, authors unknown. M.C. photo.

The 16-page publication features a variety of items including an editorial on Newton's attempt to have the Inn (which occupied the building on Riverside Dr. where the current Radisson Expedition now operates) licensed to serve alcohol. At the time, Wakefield - though well served by bootleggers (including Newton) - was officially a dry village.

The issue went to a village referendum, with Newton's bid opposed by a majority of villagers, as described by the editorialist.

"The word riot is quite often associated with taverns, and those who opposed the move quite probably had the thought in their heads that on a narrow thoroughfare such as Wakefield has, that a great deal of trouble would loom up and this would necessitate the employment of a police officer to patrol the village."

Moose-Cow Hybrid

Other stories in the publication include an article on an Aylwin-based cross-breeding experiment involving moose and cows, a story on hockey in Kazabazua and a short history of the Wakefield Womens Institute. There are also several pages of - ads for local businesses - all of which have since disappeared.

GVHS Past President Ernie Mahoney said the journai came from Newton's desk drawer, but beyond that, the society "hasn't got a clue" who produced it.

Anyone with information can call the GVHS at 827-4432.