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School's out... Forever!

By Lucy Scholey

The time has finally come to bid a fond farewell to the 73-yearold Wakefield Hilltop Elementary School, which will be moved to a brand new building on Riverside Drive. But before we bid adieu, there will be one last bash for generations of former students to celebrate.

A farewell picnic and BBQ will be held at the school on June 20 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Former students and teachers are invited to wander the halls, drink from the water fountain, and point out their old cubby holes. Arrive before 4:30 p.m. and attend the school's very last assembly.

The wheels on the bus will go round... and round... and round.

That's because attendees will be able to reminisce by parking their car at Vorlage and taking a yellow school bus to the farewell party.

The BBQ will be by donation and attendees are encouraged to bring a salad or sweet to share. There will also be games for the kids.

The person to contact for any more information is Jen Bardell at jenniferbardell@hotmail. com.

Wakefield Hilltop Elementary School
A horse draw or pull on top of the school hill circa1958. Photo courtesy GVHS.
Wakefield Hilltop Elementary School
The school close to the time of opening circa 1941. Photo courtesy GVHS.
Wakefield Hilltop Elementary School
This is the first school bus in the background. It consisted of planks of wood on blocks of wood. Homer Cross was the driver. Circa 1945. Photo courtesy GVHS.
Wakefield Hilltop Elementary School
This photo taken in 1940 shows a tennis court that would have stood about where the school is now. Obviously, it disappeared when they built the school. The Wakefield clubhouse in the background was built in 1926 and burned down in 1965. The clubhouse was the launching point of many wakefield marriages. Photo courtesy GVHS.
Wakefield Hilltop Elementary School
Wakefield Consolidated School circa 1950. All are identified except two. The names are as follows: 1. Keith Bates, 2. Grant Stevenson, 3. Hector Vaillancourt, 4. Gordon Baldwin, 5. Lindsay Brown, 6. Vincent Vaillancourt, 7. George Tanner, 8. Stewart Cross, 9. Donald Baldwin, 10. Garnet Cross, 11. Roydon McClelland, 12, Betty Ann Cafferty, 13. Violet Cross, 14. Richard Shouldice, 15. Walter Wilkinson, 16. Felton McConnel, 17. Graham Stevenson, 18. Kingsford Brown, 19. Joan Rock, 20. John Legg, 21. Trevor Shouldice, 22. Maurice Lapierre, 23. Arlene Barrett, 24. Therese Trompe, 25. ? 26. Geraldine Neeland, 27. Marina Vaillancourt, 28. Lillian Young, 29. Raymond Gagne, 30. Caroline Cross, 31. Alice Lapierre, 32. Margaret Rock, 33. Ruth Wallace, 34. Corrine Shouldice, 35. Audry Nelson, 36. Lois Cafferty, 37. Shirley Stevenson, 38. Norma Cross, 39. Kay Scharf, 40. Lucille Trompe, 41. Ada Evans, Teacher, 42. unknown , 43, Lois Labrecque, 44. Betty Baldwin, 45. Wilma Erikson, 45a. Janet Young, 46. Noreen Barrett, 47. Frank Gagne, 48. Marie Charron, 49. Richard Gagne, 50. Marion Cross, 51. Verna Erikson, 52. Jessie Cross, 53. Monica Vaillancourt, 54. Lois Erwin, 55. Joan Rogers, 56. Lois Craig, 57. Tina Brown, 58. Mrs. Taylor, Teacher., 59. Mrs. Mc- Dowel, Principal, 60. Sheila McNally, 61. Miss Cummings - Teacher, 62. Jean Maxwell, 63. Kay Cafferty, 64. Hope Wills, 65. Alda Trowsse, 66. Betty Sully, 67. unknown , 68. Ann Wilkinson, 69. Violet Ann Traford, 70. Mervin Cross, 71. Victor Vaillancourt, 72. Larry Chamberlin, 73. Raymond Lapierre, 74. Mervin Morrison, 75. Harry Wilkinson, 76. Ronald Shouldice, 77. Endon Craig, 78. John Chamberlin, 79. Linton McGarry, 80. John Lapierre, 81. Keith Johnston, 82. Stuart Brown, 83. Billy Lloyd, 84. Gerald McClelland, 85. Fred Werrell, 86. Lorne Wilkinson, 87. Ian Pritchard, 88. Keith Nesbitt. Photo courtesy GVHS