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History of Gatineau Valley recorded and displayed

By Tyler Dawson

History will be on display at the Fairbairn House when it hosts a screening of the 'New Horizons History Project'.

History of Gatineau Valley recorded
Not all but most of the writers at the Phase 1 Writer's Workshops From left to right, front row : Lisa Waldick, Sally Swan, Brooke Gibson, Amanada Dexter, Robert Rooney. Back row: John Michie, John Hardie, Walter Last, Kerstin Petersson, Michael Cooper. Photo courtesy Brenda Rooney.

The video project was produced through a partnership between Theatre Wakefield and the Fairbairn Museum.

"The clips we will screen are local historic stories written by seniors based on the Gatineau Valley Historic Society's 'Up the Gatineau' books," explained Brenda Rooney in an email.

The project will be featured on interactive screens over the summer at Fairbairn Museum.

People aged from 11 to 90 participated in the project. The youngest participants were Hannah Scott-Talib and Sam Vandenberg, and the eldest was Norma Geggie. In total, 41 people participated. Twelve people wrote stories based on the history that the Gatineau Valley Historic Society had discovered.

Three people helped the seniors write the stories. The stories were then adapted into scripts, and actors recorded and acted out the stories. Musicians recorded a soundtrack for the project. The event is funded by the government of Canada, and will be held on March 29 from 2:30 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the Fairbairn House Heritage Centre, 45 chemin Wakefield Heights.

Call or write for more info: 819-778-3382; info@fairbairn.ca.