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Missed the tour? Farm Point flashback

It had a diner that was straight out of the TV show 'Happy Days' and a makeshift baseball field made from sawdust - we're talking about Farm Point, a community that's somewhat quieter now than it used to be. Lifelong Farm Point resident Claude Gervais remembers playing ball at the disused sawmill: "You could slide and you never got hurt." He recalls hanging out at the diner as a teenager. "There's so much of a history in Farm Point," said the former Chelsea councillor. "It used to be a sawmill town."

In celebration of St. Clément's Catholic Church's 100th anniversary, Gervais organized a Farm Point walking tour June 18 to guide people through the often-unknown history of this once bustling little village. With three sawmills, a toy factory, regular ferries across the river, and a 100-room hotel, the sleepy community was once bustling with commerce. Gervais says the closing of the Alcan brucite plant (now known as Morrison's Quarry) had a dramatic effect on the village. "Every father in Farm Point was working there," he said, recalling the day the quarry closed down: "It was March 31, 1968."

Since most of you couldn't make the tour, the Low Down put together a sample of the highlights. Photos and map courtesy the Gatineau Valley Historical Society.

Farm Point flashback