Valley Lives - Lloyd Orville Waterston

The following article first appeared in "The Low Down to Hull and Back News" in the August 03, 2005 issue. Reprinted with permission.

'Uncle Lloyd' a father to many

by Mike Caesar

The former Wakefield man known as "Uncle Lloyd" to countless needy children has died aged 89.

Lloyd Orville Waterston and his wife Jessie ran the Brookdale Farm, a foster home for children in need due to the death of one or both parents, family trouble, illness or broken homes, at the edge of the Meech Creek Valley beginning in 1953.

Together the couple tried to keep the home just "as normal as possible", a loving environment where young people would be cared for, educated and given a spiritual foundation based on the Word of God. The need was great, and there were usually about 35 to 40 children living in the home at any given time.

Later, during the 1960s, the couple helped run a seniors home known as Morningside located across the road from Brookdale Farm.

According to retired Wakefield pastor Roy Stuart, who often visited Brookdale Farm and whose family lived with the Waterstons for several months when they first arrived in the area in 1967 ("They had open hearts and an open door," he recalled), Lloyd Waterston was "a father figure and an encourager" to the children who grew up on the farm.

"He showed them by example how to live," Stuart said, remembering how Waterston would take the kids out on the farm and teach them how to work it. Also, "I always remember him in the kitchen doing dishes - they had a lot of dishes to do, and he always had his hands in the water."

Stuart attended a July 25 memorial service for Waterston, where a number of the children who grew up in the home were present. That included Steve Waterston, who was adopted by Lloyd and Jessie as a boy.

"He needed parents and they took him in," Stuart said. "He's in his forties now and he's quite a strong man."

And evidently one who hasn't forgotten his blessings. Steve Waterston now lives in White Lake, Ontario, where he cares for his adoptive mother Jessie.

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