Valley Lives - Ebb Fleming

The following article first appeared in "The Low Down to Hull and Back News" in the February 01, 2006 issue. Reprinted with permission.

Chelsea trucker Ebb Fleming hauls on

Chelsea's Edward 'Ebb' Fleming was so beloved by his wife Ruth she married him three times, bore him seven children, and spent 59 years at his side before death took him from her.

Valley Lives
Chelsea lost Ed Fleming, who married his wife Ruth three times.

Fleming, who owned and operated Edward Fleming Cartage until he retired two years ago, passed away at Wakefield Memorial Hospital Jan. 17 at 82.

"He was a sand and gravel cartage man," Ruth said. He moved gravel from pits to customers throughout the Gatineau Hills, and sold it from one he owned near Rupert for years.

"He was a community man, very good to everybody. If people couldn't pay because they were short, he'd say 'no problem, I'll get you the next time around.'"

Ruth, born and raised on Rockhurst Rd. in Wakefield, met her future husband at a village dance when she was only 16.

"I met him through his brother Bill," she recalled. "We were all up at the dance in Wakefield. We weren't allowed to see boys then. We were allowed to dance with them, but not to bring them home."

Young Edward would soon insist on seeing Ruth home after village dances, and the pair married for the first time when she was 18. Their first wedding took place in Ste. Anne, and followed by ceremonies at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Wakefield, and finally at St. Stephen's Church in Chelsea.

"Three times to the same guy in the space of a year and a half," Ruth laughed.

The young couple gave birth to their first daughter Anne, followed by Rodney, Bernard, Dolores, David, Clinton, and Jack.

"It was enough to drive any sane person nuts. He was always good natured and even tempered. He was a gentleman. He never got too upset. He was perfect, almost too perfect. I was the bad guy. They knew what he meant when he said 'wait 'til your mother gets home.'"

When Fleming, known to friends as Ebb, passed away he left 12 grandchildren, four great grandchildren, many friends and fond memories. All were represented among a packed congregation at St. Stephen's Church the afternoon of Jan. 20 when friends and family gathered to pay their respects to the man at a service in his honour.

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