Gatineau River: Then and Now

Lower Gatineau River from the air in 1926 and 1997

Set 12 - Cascades Village and Peerless Hotel (Click on images for additional details)

These images provide closer views of Cascades village. In the THEN image, the Peerless Hotel, the largest structure in the village, is at the bottom of the River Road (Chemin de la Riviere). The hotel marked the upstream end of the 7-mile-long (11.2 km) lake that the Chelsea Dam created. Controlled releases of water, from the Paugan Dam (completed 1928) at Low and the Chelsea Dam, cause some fluctuation in the water level above this area. Above this point on the river, the road and railway did not have to be relocated.

In the THEN photo, on the Cantley shore across from Cascades we can see smoke from brush being burned after clear cutting activity.

Then image (click)
Peerless Hotel
Cascades Village and Peerless Hotel
See also annotated image

Now image (click)
Peerless Hotel
Village of Cascades, 1995

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